short stories about change in self


short stories about change in self 

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A man found a silkworm shell from which a butterfly was about to emerge.

He brought this shell with him to his house, to observe how the butterfly comes out of it. One day a little change occurred in the shell and it began to open.

The man quickly sat down and started looking at the shell that the butterfly will soon emerge from it. Hours passed while watching and that butterfly tried to come out of the shell.

And then suddenly it stopped moving. It seemed like the butterfly had pushed as hard as it could. And now there is no more courage in it to set itself free of the shell.

The man decided to help the butterfly. He picked up the scissors and cut the shell off to release the butterfly.

The butterfly easily came out of the shell with his help.

But its body was swollen and its wings were stiffed. The man stared at it for more hours hoping that its wings will grow at any moment and it will begin to fly.

He didn’t want to miss that moment so he kept on looking at it.

But that moment never came and the rest of the butterfly’s life was spent crawling on the ground. And it could never fly. 

What that man did in his kindness and haste went too bad unwittingly.

short stories about change in self

He was not aware of the importance a butterfly’s struggle to get out of the shell. The struggle of a butterfly is a way from God.

When a butterfly strives to get out of the shell, a fluid from its body is pumped into its wings, which expands its wings and lightens its body, to make it fly.

Sometimes our life needs struggle and if God doesn’t let troubles to come in our lives then our lives become lame. We never become as strong as we can be. We never become able to fly again.

I asked for strength and God gave me troubles to make me strong. I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.I asked for a happy life and God gave me mind and health so that I can work.

I asked for courage and God showed me danger to make me brave. I asked for love and God gave me people in trouble so that I can help them.

I asked for aid and God gave me opportunities.

I didn’t get what I wanted, but I got everything I needed.

Always trust God because he knows what you need.

Take advice from him in every work.

Don’t do anything by yourself that may harm you.

Be patient and thankful in everything.

I hope, you must have learned from this story that hasty things always end badly. So friends, always be patient and thankful and know that

God will never bring such difficulties in your life that you cannot bear. Nor will he put you in a trouble from which does not create any good.

Class Difference a very big difference Even after a million tries..

Its like a mold that grows at places during rains

It troubles there the most.. where it is not expected to ..

it stings like a thorn.. But it isn't visible Hurts like a boil..

But it isn't visible In Life.. many a times..

I have made many compromises Compromises.. Sacrifices..

At times, I feel as if life.. is nothing more than dragging our feets.. Even for Smaller Happiness..

the Basic Necessities of Life.. & for everything else.... we have to crave.. & Sob.. I think..

that why has Almighty made Life so difficult for us..

I keep thinking this again & again I keep asking this..

But my query.. doesn't get an answer.

Today... I am very tired.. and I dont't know why at times..

it happens that you get tired.. although you haven't been through a great deal of physical stress.. or mental stress.

Even then, life feels worthless.. and your existence.. your existence feels like a burden. For every forthcoming..

troubles of Life..

I used to think that, maybe this one is going to be the last trouble.. and a trouble bigger than this, would not come.

But this wasn't correct. The quantum of humiliation I have felt today..

I won't be able to feel again..

short stories about change in self

true motivational stories 

real life inspiring stories that touched heart 

life success stories 

inspiring short stories on positive attitude 

success story example

short story theme change

short motivational stories with moral

funny stories about change 

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famous short stories that make you think

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is one of the most famous short stories 

that makes you think. The story features a man traveling in the forest when he 

finds two separate paths. He thinks on which path was he supposed to take, 

until he discovers another path with a pile of rocks. He takes the rocks and 

builds a wall at the fork in the road, so that no one else can find the second 

path. The story is supposed to make you think of the importance of choice.

short story on hope

There was a boy named Ethan who was 4 years old, who had a serious illness. 

He was in the hospital and was very sick. Ethan was the kind of boy who was 

always happy, always smiled and always had something nice to say even 

though he was sick and others were sicker. Ethan had a gift for finding humor 

in almost any situation. It was difficult for his parents to accept the fact that 

he was dying.

motivational story

For example, Mr. Bill Gates was turned down by Harvard. Meanwhile, his 

school mate and future rival, Paul Allen, was admitted to the same university. 

I don’t think Bill Gates was disheartened by this. He learned from this and 

worked harder. He wanted to show the world who rejected him. He wanted to 

prove them wrong. And he did, making Microsoft one of the leading 

companies in the world. Failure will never stop a person from getting 

motivated, if he knows where he is going. Motivation can come from any 

failure. Don’t let anything hold you back.

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