enjoy every moment of life sms

 enjoy every moment of life sms

Wife: (to husband) If I got lost, which song 
would you sing to find me?
Husband: Its the 

time to disco who will find you,
 never find me
Its the time to disco
(Iram Latif - Gulshan 

A lamb saved his life by 
donating blood to an Arab. Arabic gave him a 
Mercedes as a gift. The Arab needed blood 
again. Memon gave blood again, this time the 
Arab gave a fried gift.
Memon angrily asked, 
"Why not Mercedes?"
Arabic: منا! Now the 
blood of lambs is running inside us too.

Sardar Ji was breaking his phone when a man 
asked him why he was breaking the phone. I 
see how a woman got into such a small 

Six children jumped into the 
swimming pool and all the water in the 
swimming pool disappeared. Why ?
the new pamper now absorbs more than 

enjoy every moment of life sms

Be as sweet 
as a toffee
Stay fresh like "close up"
beautiful like "Fair and Lovely"
And ... be smart 
like "me".

Chinese child to Pakistani child: Dude, my 
father died while walking.
Pakistani child: 
That's the problem with Chinese things.



child: Why is the groom put on a horse at the 
time of marriage?
Child: He is given one last 
chance to run away.

I was not alone, I was humming in 
my fun, Faraz
He stopped me

enjoy every moment of life sms

Five difficult tasks in the world.

1 .... Wearing a saree to the 
2 .... Wearing a mosquito vest.
3 .... Tying the ant.
4 .... Shaving a giraffe.
5 .... your 
bath in winter.

enjoy yourself sms

I love this world, but I don't like it, I love life,but I don't like it, I love people, but I don't like them, I like love, but I don't know it. 

I like ***, but I don't like it. 

I like everything, but in this world everything is
not working. 

I like eating, but I don't like it, because when I eat something, I don't want to eat anything.

 I like to drive a car, but I don't like it, because when I drive a car, I want to walk. 

like to sing, but I don't like it, because when I sing something, 

I don't want to speak anything. I like to run, but I don't like it, because when I run some where, I don't want to go there. 

I like to sleep, but I don't like it, because 
when I sleep, I don't want to wake up. 

I like to have ***, but I don't like it, because when I have ***, I don't want to rest.

 I like to read books, but I don't like it, because when I read some where, I don't want to know where I am.

 I like to watch TV, but I don't like it, because when I watch TV, I don’t want to think about anything.

 I like to work hard, but I don't like it because when I work

Japan develops a thief-catching machine Ten 
thieves were caught in Japan in five minutes. 
Twenty-five thieves were caught in five 
minutes in the United States. Thirty thieves 
were caught in five minutes in the UK. A 
machine was stolen in Domant in India.

Boy: The suit is well 

Girl: Thank you
Boy: I applied lipstick very 
Girl: Thank you
Boy: The make-up is great 
Girl: Thank you brother.
Boy: It still doesn't 
look good.

enjoy every moment of life sms

Now petrol has become cheaper
Yet he says
Let me fly in the air

You are my friend
The whole cold has 

passed, but you have not eaten carrot halwa.

I said that's my life
The heart said that is the meaning
I said his killer is paying every penny
The heart said he 
was a mad donkey

My mother has not slept for a long time
He only doubted once
The girl calls me at night.

Sometimes even 
small things hurt a lot. If you don't believe me, 
"sit on the needle and show me."

Amjad, no one will doubt 
your nobility
Mild "tick" in light appetite

The girl is like water. A boy's heart is like a mobile phone. 

Whether the mobile falls into the water 
or the water falls on the mobile, it is a bad 

girlfriend of a stingy man asked: Will you give 
me a ring when we are engaged?
Miser: I'll 
give you my phone number

At the time of the shoe concealment 
ceremony, the groom's annual bid will be Rs 
1,100. In the second bid, I will take 2100. A 
man from behind said: Take 2310. It also has 



Beggar: Hello! 
Pizza Hut
Operator: Yes sir
Beggar: Three 
large pizzas, six chickens, two Pepsi
In whose name is Sir?
Beggar: In the name of 

enjoy every moment of life sms

must have drunk a lot in grief separation

"Sprite" quenches the thirst, all the rest is 


bought a pressure cooker and returned it the 

next day. The shopkeeper asked why he 

Sardar said: There are young 

daughters in the house.

You know how much we miss. Believe it or not, 

we cry every moment
Daily writes letters to 

Cartoon Network
And ask you to play.

Girl: Sardar, you have a 

mobile phone, so why did you send a letter?
Sardar: I called you. Someone inside said, 

"Please try letter."

The flowers bloom when you 

Be blind, just walk carefully, why do you 

hit the pots,
(Samarin - Orangi Town)

was not feeling well since yesterday. Then one 

of the sages said, "You have a shadow over a 

great devil."
Send sms Thank God

better now after texting you.

The employee entered the 
room panting and trembling.
The woman was 

Sahib has 
fallen into the well.
Begum laughed and said: 
You scared me no matter what, I don't drink 

water from the well.

When bad times come to someone, all his 

friends and relatives stand behind him ....

anyone can't believe it ....
Looking at wedding 

photos ....!


will pay the debt friendship?
If there is no 

friend, who will make friendship?
O God! Keep 

my friends safe

enjoy every moment of life quotes

__% of people who get observed by others take action when they are watching. If a person knows that others are watching, he or she will behave in a certain way or act a certain way.

 Think about the people you know who feel they have to put on a certain face in front of others because they want to be accepted by others. 

For example, people who are extremely polite, or those who are extremely friendly, those who are extremely talkative and those who are extremely quiet.

 All of these people are putting on "social masks" because they want to be accepted by others. 

They are not themselves and they feel they have to live up to the roles that others have assigned to them. 

If a person knows that he or she is being watched, he or she will behave accordingly. 

If you want to really know how people really act and behave, simply observe them without their knowledge. 

Watch them from a distance, maybe sit behind them in the waiting room for your doctor's appointment, or "accidentally" step into a conversation that the person is having. 

You will be amazed at how people behave differently when they think they are not being observed.

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