funny love quotes for him

funny love quotes for him

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The most touching words between couples


1. Turn my thoughts into white clouds drifting across the 

plain, drifting across the mountains, drifting to the window 

above your head, silently vote for you my love poem a 

thousand times and ten thousand times.

2. In fairy tales, the prince will always only love the 

princess. That is a fairy tale, and it must be pure. The 

reality is that both the princess and the prince have grown 

up slowly, and people will drift away from each other. The 

castle has withered, and the pink roses have already 

begun to fade.

funny love quotes for him

3. Remember the way you smile in the sunset when you 

meet. Remember how happy you were in the restaurant 

during the date. Remember holding your hand for the first 

time, your shy expression. Remember all we have and 

always want to be happy.

4. No matter where you are, whether you are by my side or 

not, I belong to you, and I am waiting for you to come back!

5. Think about the joy of watching the sun rise and sunset 

with me. Classic discourse

6. It turns out that you have to wait until the fragrant 

flowers of the wind and dust are exhausted before you can 

see the last breeze, clear and full moon. No matter where 

you are, after the vicissitudes of life, we will finally meet. 

Fuhua Langrui's life, how can it be so easily broken?


7. In love, suddenly looking back, the person is in the dim 

light. Those who are looking for and waiting need the same 

patience and tacit understanding. After all, this firmness is 

too rare. Who will wait for someone with ten years of 

patience? Who will look back after ten years and still see 

the person waiting behind us? The most commonly seen 

result is: finally-when I understand who the person is 

looking for, there is no one in the dimly lit place.

8. The so-called Dependence and Companion, in fact, is 

that I have you in my eyes to add clothes for me, and you 

have me in your eyes to add food to you, stay together 

forever, and then let the days behind us become a forest 

for the world to enjoy the coolness, after tea and dinner.

9. Some people use money for beauty, some use 

grievances for stability, some use wisdom for worship, 

some use power for obedience, some use impulse for 

impulse, and some use body for material. But there are 

two kinds of exchanges in the world that will become 

legends: the first is Plato, which exchanges spirit with 

spirit; the second hope is that you and me exchange 

forever for the earth.

10. Day and night alternate with loneliness; time and space 

shuttle in thoughts; deserts know more about hunger and 

thirst than oasis; affective words are permeated with pen 

and ink; keep you in your heart and polish the years. 

Thinking of you, every moment.

11. Love is like two people drinking, I toast, you are free; 

as long as you are still within my reach, I have no 

extravagant expectations; I am such a person and want to 

give you a lifetime of warmth.

funny love quotes for him

12. It is wind, rain, and longing, disturbing a pool of spring 

petals; it is me, you, and love, three lives infatuated 

without asking the sky; it is sorrow, joy, and passing years, 

loving you will never regret. Dear, love you infatuated 


13. No matter how beautiful the rose is, it will wither, and 

no matter how beautiful the face is, it will age, but we will 

always be together. We will quarrel, we will complain and 

we will be sad...but we will still love forever! Honey.


14. I sink into the bottom of my longing, fall into the 

whirlpool of worry, blow up the gale thinking of you, set off 

a huge wave of loving you, my dear, I am willing to be with 

you in this life, love, and stay with you forever! I love you, 

Miss you every minute!

15. You came to me and fell in love gently. Time does not 

fade away, and rumors cannot be dismantled. Because of 

you, I am concerned; because I am concerned, I am 

fulfilled. Maybe, I can't give you all the happiness, but all 

my happiness is for you!

16. You are my sky, it is sunny and rainy; you are my 

landscape, the landscape depends on each other; you are 

my dream, and you are in the dream; you are my 

expression muscle, which enriches my emotions; you are 

my motivation, let I am enterprising. Dear, thank you!

17. Thinking of you is an addiction that can't be quit, going 

through the day and night; loving you is an endless virus 

that can be copied countless; loving you is an 

inexhaustible vegetable, stubble after stubble; loving you 

is a wild grass that burns up, The wind is blowing and 

green. This is my heart, do you get it?

18. Either "wishful thinking" or "non-discriminatory 

thinking", anyway, it is you who think about it; whether it is 

"dreaming" or "thinking about the day and night", it is only 

you who think about it. May this "unexpected" surprise 

make you sweet!

19. Knowing you, I know the wonder of fate; falling in love 

with you, I know the beauty of love; thinking about you, I 

know what it is like to miss; to make a good relationship, I 

know the expectation in my heart. Honey, you are the love 

of my life!

funny love quotes for him

20. I can't write the sweetest poems, but I write with my 

heart; I can't write the most romantic heart words, but I 

write with love; I can't write the most beautiful love songs, 

but I write with love; I can't write the world The most 

beautiful love song, but I wrote it for you. Maybe you won't 

be moved by it, but I just write it for you. I write a plain love 

song. I wish in this life to love you forever!

21. You are my little mill, and I am your donkey. I want to 

surround you every day, walking and walking, turning and 

turning. Grind time into powder, knead the powder into 

noodles, cook the noodles into noodles, and watch you eat 

them bite by bite. I am full of heart!

22. Fate has its own arrangements in the dark. Fate, 

attached to you in the misty. Fate, stick to the wind and 

rain together. Fate, warm each other in the ordinary. Fate, 

help each other in difficulties. Fate, the romantic center 

holds hands. Fate with you, unlimited love!

23. When I see you, I feel a little happy. When I miss you, I 

feel a little happy. It's a little sweet when I send you a 

message. I think we will always be happy, happy, sweet, 


24. I miss you very much if I don’t see you, but I really met 

but I don’t know what to say. I looked at you nervously and 

just said: How are you!

25. If you are a drizzle, I am a breeze; if you are a flower, I 

am a bee; if you are an ocean, I am a submarine; if you are 

a poop, I am a fly. You and I will stay forever, firmly 

believing that true love will last forever!

funny love quotes for him

26. When the night is quiet, your figure will often float up to 

please my melancholy heart, brighten my dark corners, 

and always feel a little warm in my heart.

27. You always forget to bring your keys when you go out. I 

want to keep my feet so that I can open the door for you.

28. Only you understand my world. The most touching 

words between lovers

29. I am willing to spend ten million years waiting for you to 

smile like a warm sun in the early spring.

30. The journey of life is profound and long. We don't know 

anything about the future, and it's not a bad thing. If we 

knew the ending early in the morning, how many people 

would dare to go to the boundless road ahead?

31. Just hide you deeply in my heart.

32. I know that love requires freedom to be happy, but I 

would rather stay by your side, accompany you, and walk 

with you.

33. You often forget to eat. I want to keep my spirits and 

remind you to eat.

34. When you are around, you are happy and sweet; when 

you are not around, you miss infinitely; always hope to be 

with you at all times, helpless space barriers, but believe 

that our love can cross space and connect us closely.

35. It is not ruthless, nor is it a blessing, but we will meet 

many people in our lives. How many people can really stay 

and stop? Life is a ferry that will eventually be deserted, 

and even ourselves are passers-by.

36. Hello, your application for a love license has been 

received. After review by the love committee, you have all 

the conditions for love. You must be licensed, franchised, 

and valid for a lifetime. If you need a partnership, please 

contact me. contact.

37. If you hide in the clouds, the rain will eventually melt, 

and I will wait for you in the rain; if you dance in the creek, 

even if you turn a thousand times, I will wait for you in the 

vast sea; if you live in the flowers, you can always disperse 

Cheng Xinxiang, I am waiting for you in the breeze. There 

are tens of thousands of long roads in the world, and there 

is always one you are walking through. There is always an 

end to the mountains and mountains. I plant grass and 

trees by the roadside. The scenery is continuous in the 

four seasons. The desert gives birth to oasis. There is 

shade under the scorching sun. No longer lonely. Waiting 

for you first.

38. Is it because I am too obsessed with you, or you are 

really such a charm, just a flash of bright eyes and a light 

dew of white teeth, but ordinary long hair and faint 

eyebrows, how can it be so breathtaking and inspiring 

Never forget it!

39. A chaotic heart, a chaotic person, a person in a chaotic 

heart. You are the sweetheart, and I feel distressed when 

you move. Hold you in the palm of your hand for fear that 

you will fall; protect you in the shade of the tree, for fear 

that you will be exposed to the sun; think of you over and 

over again, because I love you too much!

40. The vast sea of ​​people, the rush of passing years, the 

most beautiful encounter in this life, sowing fate, sowing 

love, and become a warm station in the fleeting years, a 

warm harbor, beautiful ripples in the river of love between 

you and me, accompanied by the fleeting years In the 



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