funny smile quotes

funny smile quotes

Do smile quotes make you smile?

An eternal smile that lingers inside her, as if this life was just a sad joke.

The smile that I can see on your face draws me the charm of your joy.

funny smile quotes

The smile shows generosity, when it is offered with the heart.

A smile is the key to the heart and the body, for a perfect match.

The smile of a baby creates joy, good news, a beautiful sun, snow, a joke, around a meal ... everywhere is joy. You have to appreciate it, that's all.

To smile at the disease is to give it time to disappear.

The smile is an eye drops that invigorates the retina of human relations.

If you can't smile, don't open a store.

Smile in the face of a difficulty, It is not stupidity or ignorance, it is a force of the mind, a greatness of the heart.

Smile in the face of a difficulty,

It's not stupidity or ignorance,

it is a force of the mind, a greatness of the heart.

funny smile quotes

Seeing her smile will be my greatest happiness, seeing her leave will be my greatest fear, but seeing her suffer will be my greatest pain.

From a child the smile enlarges the universe.

The smile of a child enlarges the universe.

The smile is a kind of vaccine against the moment of discomfort.

And her smile is a bouquet of red roses, her face a frosty Christmas card landscape, her hair the night wave unfurling her stars.

Do not believe in the smile of the lips that does not accompany the smile of the eyes.

Smiles, humor and good humor are the hallmarks of a healthy and fulfilling inner life. To them three, they give: Body, Forces and Verticality to the being in his Being!

A smile, humor and good humor are the hallmarks of a healthy and fulfilling inner life. To them three, they give: Body, Forces and Verticality to the being in his Being! Jah olela wembo,

I like the smile on the faces of children, women. There is no more beautiful expression. There is nothing truer on the human face, nothing softer, more harmonious in the per.

funny smile quotes

Keep your shitty little smile on his face, I don't want it. That's all you know how to give. Little smiles to confuse people. Keep it going, keep it. You will end up all alone in your dungeon with your colored pencils and it will be well done for your face. 

Me, I feel that I am tired, there. The earthworm in love with a star, that's fine for a while.

when people give you a fake ass smile and make like I like you be even more fake ass than them.

Happiness is not the smile that you display when you are in front of others, but the one that stays in your heart when you are in front of yourself.

A smile reveals the face of the spirit just as the ripples on the surface of a pond reveal the presence of the breeze.

The punch of a smile on mothers' lips when the fortresses of the schools let their tiny hostages escape at noon.

Louise Amour's smile appeared, sweeping away all my reluctance and I silenced the one who, for a long time, knew that the greatest glory is not to be known by anyone.

A smile is like an vanguard army, a modification of the flesh which outlives the flesh, which separates itself from it and flies far, far beyond the face from which that smile is mounted, where it was conceived.

Behind a beautiful smile can hide a beautiful bite.

Behind a beautiful smile can hide a beautiful bite.

funny smile quotes

We can smile in different ways, to express various feelings such as joy, pleasure or derision.

The real smile is a stretch of the lips which is accompanied by a gleam of cheerfulness or mischief in the eyes.

 "A sincere smile touches something essential in us: our innate sensitivity to kindness," the Dalai Lama emphasizes in Ancient Wisdom and the Modern World.

But you can also smile and have a sad look: "Manuel looked at him, and smiled. When he laughed, it was like a child; but he smiled with a smile that lowered the corners of his mouth, and gave a bitter style. to his heavy chin. " (Malraux).

When a smile reveals a feeling of spontaneous joy or satisfaction, it is usually accompanied by an adverb: smile affectionately, amiably ... It is a reflex smile.

You can smile with kindness, tenderness, and also smile to hide your true nature: "You can smile and smile and yet be a villain." William Shakespeare. In this case the smile is cold, and we cannot find it in the eyes ... It is a command smile.

The smile is the first means of communication between human beings, before shaking hands: "The smile is in man the imprint of God. 

The beast does not smile, and when men become wolves among themselves, they no longer know how to smile ". Robert Choin

And then a smile is a good way to maintain positive morale, as Pierre dac said:

But it is Raoul Follereau who best defined the smile:

" Smile costs nothing and produces a lot, it enriches the one who receives it without impoverishing the one who gives it, it lasts only a moment, but its memory is sometimes eternal, no one is rich enough to do without it, no one is poor enough not to deserve it, it creates happiness at home, supports business, it is the sensitive sign of friendship, a smile gives rest to the tired being, gives courage to the most discouraged he can neither buy himself, nor lend himself, nor steal, because it is a thing which has value only from the moment when it is given. And if however, you meet someone who does not knows how to smile more, be generous give him yours, because no one needs a smile as much as one who cannot give it to others. 

The smile is a language all by itself! "

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