short motivational stories about goals

short motivational stories about goals 

Here are a few true motivational stories. These stories will inspire you to achieve your goals in life and motivate you to follow your dreams.

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short motivational stories about goals

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true motivational stories


inspirational stories of success

Here is an interesting story that has a moral and teaches a lesson that may inspire you: 

Here's a story about a man who, through self-discipline, saved a billion dollars. 

One day a boy asked him how he got so rich. 'Well,' said the man, 'when I was a boy my Dad told me, ''Work hard and save your money and you'll be able to afford anything you want in your life.'' So I did. When I got older, I asked him how he'd amassed so much wealth.

 ''I saved my money, son,'' was his answer. ''Did you ever lose any of it?'' I asked. ''Many times,'' he replied, ''but I kept at it, kept on saving. 

I finally realized that he'd been right, that if I kept at it, kept working hard and saving my money, that one day it would all be mine.''

true motivational stories

Here are some real motivational stories: A Vietnamese man named Le Van Tam was a university student.


In 1993, he fell in love with a woman who was white, in a country where most women are Asian. 

Le Van Tam went to the United States in 1994, where he would live for seven years. While in this country, Le Van Tam worked very hard to start his own business and send money back to his family. 

In the United States, he started a business with a $1,500 capital. His business was very successful and grew quickly. 

He continued to send money back to his family and eventually bought a new house for them. 

Le Van Tam is a very talented man. He also started a real estate agency. He bought an apartment building in the United States and a 

building in his home country This building is for his family. Over the years, he has done very well for himself.

The money he earned was through hard work and dedication. Le Van Tam’s story is a great example of how one man was able to succeed in a foreign country through determination and perseverance. He never gave up on his dream.

Ambition basically, if I say it in your way. The way youth uses it, it is GPS If your put in your destination in the GPS. Only then will you find the right directions. 2062, which is my date of death will be 14 November 2062.


I want to live 104 years long. When, 5 people told me That you're crazy. I believed I was crazy. Because only the crazy reach somewhere.


Thank you very much TS Madaan, your friend. I'm a YouTuber with 6 million+ subscribers.

More than even Shahrukh Khan Kapil Sharma and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. One place where I'm ahead of them There came a financial breakdown in the year 2000 My entire business collapsed.


 short motivational stories about goals

It went down to a point where I didn't even have food To eat. My father-in-law came to my house and said why are you worried? We are there. Here take Rs. 5000 and go buy groceries.

I sat with my wife, Pinky. With love, I call her Pinky. Even in anger, we call her Pinky.

So, I said " Pinky we'll not take this money. That was the only day in my life. When I had tears in y eyes and said won't take the money.


short motivational stories about goals

We can take lakhs of rupees, he Is our father but this feels like begging or charity. She said what will you do?

Will do everything, we have struggled all our life, will do anything won't take this money. So kids gave me freezer's money from their savings. So, I bought freezer and glass from this money and got a big wok from this money. And a burner.


My wife used to heat milk and mother cut almond's cashew, raisins and pitas, and sold cold milk So, we were in Amritsar and i kept my shop/ business' name - Chandni Chowk.


People stood in queues for the milk and I washed glasses from my own hands, and put milk in it and covered it with foil Presented this way.


People saluted me they were in awe that I sold milk and neither asked for the money nor lost the will power. I was an ambitious kid, and my ambitions drive me.

Ambitions basically, in the language of youth, is like a GPS.


You put the destination in the GPS then only you will get directions. If there is no location then there are no directions so then your ambition. Your goal is the destination.


inspirational short stories on goal setting


Everyone must know date of birth but have you decided date of death? You must be thinking that date of death can't be decided Date of death can be decided This must be new information to you and I want you guys to have this New information for me.


Let's talk that why do we need to decide date of death, And how to decide it? There is no surity still, you plan things - child's wedding, which degree to have, what car to buy and when to study. We plan everything, But why do we plan?


Because it gives you directions. If you want to get married after 6 years.

And then you will have directions that what to do in 6 years.

Like this only I don't know that when will die.


So what I have decided has given me directions to reach there. And I have decided to die at 104.

I was born in 1958 and 2062 my death date that will be 14 November 2062 I want to live for 104 years.

So what I am doing now is according to this age only. I might live for a single day but if I didn't think.

About all this then I wouldn't be able to plan all of these. My dear friends, life can give you so much you only need be the want inside to achieve something In 1980


I became a motivational speaker In those days, neither people nor myself Knew the spelling of motivational speaker.


That this could be a profession. If there will be a change in life.

Then only I will be able to change people's life.


Then I called myself personality development trainer I went to schools and colleges

but principal used to give my card back saying that students don't have time

This is also correct, even they didn't know that this is also a subject.


So, I decided to work on this whether i get money or not.

So this will be my hobby,But I needed income, so i started selling life insurance.

My first client was an army officer, and we scheduled at 9 and i wanted to be there at their house by 9 in the morning.


short motivational stories with moral


But I got half an hour late, reached at 9:30. He saw the time and said " Mr. Singh, go back.” I asked him what happened, and he said that I was half an hour late to which I replied that we are in India and it is okay to be 1-2 hours late India.


And half an hour is nothing. He refused"discipline is discipline. I can't buy insurance from you. Come tomorrow you have to go back today.


So i asked what time tomorrow? He said 9 am only. Now, I had in mind that this slot I got.

I couldn't afford to miss this slot at any cost, I set an alarm for 6 am in the morning I set three alarms just in case one doesn't work so the other one will the first alarm rang in the morning, I looked out, it was raining heavily. I looked out of the window and the streets were filled with water We didn't have cars, or autos or taxis.


I lost hope and thought I will miss the appointment again and at no cost would I be able to move forward in this career But, at exact 9 am I reached his home and rang the bell He came out looked at his watch looked at me looked at the rain and asked me 'Mr. Madaan, how come?'


You've reached at 9. I told him Sir, I came by bike. He said 'Your clothes are not drenched, are they?'

I told him that the drenched clothes are in the bag and the bag is on the bike.

I changed my clothes in his verandah.


Kept my clothes in the bag and rang your bell He got convinced by this He said alright, policy done. How much do you need.


I took the money. The next thing that you need to know is that I asked him 'Sir if you wanted to buy it today then what was the issue yesterday.


You could have obliged yesterday.' He refused.

He said there's a reason. I asked for it.


He asked if I'm getting any commission for the insurance that I sell. I said yes.

When you sell something, you'll definitely get a commission for it, He said 'When I die, and you come home to give the death claim cheque,

will you get a commission then?'


I told him we don't get a commission then.

He then told me to listen carefully I want you all to listen carefully too.


 inspirational short stories on goal setting

He said if you're coming late on the day you receive the commission then you won't even come on the day.

When you don't receive the commission I'm able to get my point across, right?


I learnt a lesson that day That how important it is to reach on time.

What image it leaves with a person It's been around 38 years now In these 38 years I'm giving you an open challenge a challenge to the entire world to give me one incidence when TS Madaan reached some place late

I'll leave my profession if you tell me. My trainer told me that if 5 people don't call you crazy

listening to your goals then your goal is too small Your goal is small if people don't call you crazy.


This got fixed in my head, I used to sell insurance my boss used to ask me how many

policies will you sell this month I told him never to ask me again.

How many policies, I'll sell He said I'm your manager I can ask I told him No sir. You won't ask.

You would just tell me how many to sell.


He said I'll say 500 I said go on, Sir. Try saying it I am the one who has to work because I wanted to know how the goal should be.


short motivational stories with moral


So as soon as he said 500 The first thing I did was call up my home I called Pinky, You must have recognized Pinky?


Yes, you don, 't usually forget other people's wives I called Pinky and told her

That I've decided to sell 500 policies as my goal and Pinky was like Are you crazy?

I found that first person who called me crazy. Then I spoke to the second then to the third

Then, to fourth and fifth.


When finally 5 people told me that you're crazy Then I got to know about my madness

Because only the mad reach heights in life.

until and unless we carry that madness and passion, we can't move forward in life.


Even if I am unable to sell 500, somehow I would be able to sell 400-450

I didn't worry about it, And I set off with the thought that I would at least be able to sell 200-300, above the usual

So on 30th November 1986, in Amritsar I used to live there on time, and later shifted to Delhi 30th November 1986, with a bag in my hand and in the Managers cabin.


I said, "Sir, there is some business to be deposited" He asked me, how much?

I told him, Sir 762 policies. My Manager stood up in front of his seat.

He Saluted me, because achievements are saluted by everyone.


For the first time in the office, Kaju barfi was served with tea.

Do you know what peoples used to tell me, Madaan Sir, you are a fortunate man.

Even at 2:30 am, I would visit people's houses for work you've tagged it as me being fortunate. You can also work till 2:30 am.


All of you will also become fortunate, and your destiny will change.

So the lesson that my journey in life insurance taught me was, everywhere you should stand ahead.

Do not take a backseat. I am not a backbencher, I can't sit at the back.

You have to excel at whatever you do, no one else should have done it.

While working, you do not that 10 years ago the technology that arrived.


So even I got associated with the technology. Now at this age, my friends, it's very difficult to get in touch with technology.


It was very challenging. Because you people have grown up with it.

But we saw the mobile phone at the age of 40 So getting associated with technology was difficult, but I somehow accepted the challenge

10 years ago, my journey started on Youtube I felt that if I could make videos, I could send my message across the globe through them Otherwise, the message would only reach to 200-400 people, like you all. So as I entered video production So today Which month is it? October 2018.


I have crossed a subscriber base of 6 million subscribers, and it isn't even an entertainment channel. It isn't a comedy or music channel, it's a learning channel. Where people are being taught something and wherever people learn, entertainment isn't involved, and it might get boring also And still people have shown love.


And what did we do? If you want I can reveal a secret to you one how I reached there. Are you ready to listen?The secret was- Give your best. Second point- give your best.

Third point- give your best.

If you give in your best, then people, make you the best. My dear friends, take a forward step in life, get ambitious, your ambitions will drive you.

They will take you forward, they will play the role of your destination in your GPS you will keep getting directions. When you move forward, there will be difficulties, and to those there will be solutions After crossing those difficulties and you will have a sense of pride that yes, I had done this

And when you feel that sense of pride

Then Josh Talks will call you to give a seminar, in front of an audience like you

All the best, keep learning, keep growing

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

funny stories about reaching goals

inspirational stories of success

motivational stories chase your dreams 

short motivational stories about goals in Hindi

short motivational stories with moral

inspirational short stories on goal setting

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