10 lines short stories with moral

10 lines short stories with moral

This book reviews or criticizes the current educational chaos and the ills of the education system from time to time. What kind of tutoring trouble, competition for key schools, including popular musical instrument classes... The author also gives us two tricks in some detailed descriptions from time to time, so that we know how to deal with the persecution of parents.

10 lines short stories with moral

   I am quite interested in the term. I think my mother definitely doesn't know what   means. If she scolds me again, I will say " to my mother to vent my dissatisfaction. Because it means "idiot". But once, as soon as I spoke, my mother asked me to eat "life"-"life" is also a commonly used word in this book, that is, slapped, spanked... (domestic violence). It turns out that my mother also read this book. Occasionally, my mother had a very poor exam test. My mother also learned from the book, and said sarcastically: "When will I give you a life oral liquid for you to drink?" Alas, why does she treat me as a big man? Why don’t you learn from Mei’s father?

Now, I seem to be Mei Sifan, and I am also catching up with various tutoring classes, endlessly doing homework that has been done many times. I also participate in speeches, participate in elections, and participate in essay competitions just like her. Trouble, I complain, I also have joy to accompany, there is success and joy. This book made me realize that life is a drama, a drama full of ups and downs. If you are not afraid of difficulties and face it positively, then it is a comedy, and the difficulties and setbacks in life will be talked about. I also live in that plot. After reading this book late at night, I fell asleep with this sweet dream.

   "Daughter's Story" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, easy to understand, and there is no lack of literary nature. I love to watch it, and my mother loves it.



   An interesting story that happened in the forest

   One day, the lion king wanted to show off his power, so he ordered the tiger and the fox to call the beast meeting. On a large lawn in the large forest, all the beasts arrived and stood neatly. The lion came to the big throne and sat down, and the tiger and fox separated it and waited. The lion suddenly became angry and roared again and again, and the whole forest shook. The cows, horses, donkeys, giraffes, wolves, and bears all lower their heads and dare not pant loudly. Rabbits, deer, sheep, monkeys, and squirrels all trembled with fright. The lion pointed at the mouse and shouted: "Why didn't you kneel down when you saw the king yesterday?" The mouse quickly knelt down and argued: "I was a nester at home yesterday and didn't go out. How dare I be disrespectful to the king!" , The clever fox immediately finished the game: "My lord, if he has done something, please forgive him this time." The lion remembered that the mouse bit the net and rescued him from the hunter, and motioned to give up. The fox led all the beasts to sing hymns, and the meeting ended after Shanhu Long live.

   Just as the lion was satisfied and just took a nap, the lion's lower lip was bitten severely by a mosquito. After a while, the lower lip became red and swollen. The lion was really angry this time, roared, jumped up and rushed towards the mosquito above him, but it was a bit short of it. The lion jumped several times in a row, and each jump was higher than the other, but it was always a little bit worse. The lion was willing to give up, so exhausted, he had to lie down and rest. But as soon as he lay down, the mosquito bit again on the lion's nose, which became very swollen for a while. The lion really had no strength, so he had to pretend to sleep and wait for the time to destroy it. The mosquito flew on the eyelids again, and the lion slapped his eyes vigorously. Not only did the lion's eyes have a big bump, but the forehead was also swollen on one side. The mosquitoes were still buzzing in his ears. A dozen times in a row like this, the lion's face was swollen beyond recognition. The lion was no longer able to roar, and really wanted to cry. The lion begged to the mosquito: "Grandma Mosquito! Please forgive me!"

   The mosquito was so happy that he danced a ballet, jumping more and more vigorously, singing a song in his mouth, accidentally hitting a spider web and becoming a spider’s delicious meal. When the spider was eating well, the mouse jumped from the tree, and the spider just fell into its mouth, filling the mouse with hunger.


   Interesting storytelling competition

   Today, under the leadership of our teacher, we held a super interesting storytelling competition at the Mizuki Qinghua Composition Training Center.

   The teacher writes the rules on the blackboard. The rules are as follows: each person tells a story within five minutes, one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, and several encouragement prizes.

   began to tell the story. I am the number one player, so I will talk about it first. But I'm not ready yet. I bite the bullet and got on stage. I'm not very good at telling stories. I'm like an old word tape. I get stuck when I talk about it, and get stuck there again when I talk about it. After that, our "king" came on stage, and he could tell stories first-rate, and everyone was fascinated. Then the stars will appear! They were girls from three "mosquito families", and the audience couldn't hear anything at all. In the end, the brother "Fish Tail" appeared on the stage, but he wanted to take a book to play, and the storytelling became story reading. In the end "King" won the first place, "Old Cidai" I won the second place, "Mosquito Family" won the third place, and "Fish Tail" won the Encouragement Award.

   The storytelling competition is really fun!


    Interesting story

   When I was peeling the eggshell today, my mother told me a story. This story is about a college student, his grades have always been excellent, but his common sense of life is very poor. Once, he felt hungry, bought a tea egg, took a bite immediately after receiving the egg, and made a "click" sound in his mouth. All the students around him were amused by him. It turned out that he didn't know how to eat eggs. Peel the eggshell. So he went to the shopkeeper with a fierce anger and said: "Why are your eggs so hard? Is it expired? My family has soft eggs." The shopkeeper said in surprise, "Of course you feel hard even to eat eggs, idiot. "

   After hearing this story, I laughed from ear to ear. This story gave me a lot of inspiration: since we were young, we have to do everything we can, and we can’t always rely on adults.

   We will not make a lot of jokes if we do anything.

   The second grade of Chaozhou Experimental School in Guangdong Province: Wen

The second grade of Chaozhou Experimental School in Eastern Province: Weng Yike


    The story of Oracle is really interesting

   During the winter vacation, when I was reading Chinese newspapers outside of class, I saw some strange symbols. Their shapes were a bit like children's stick figures, but also a bit like the oracle bone inscriptions in the first grade Chinese textbook. It was really mysterious! I asked my father and mother curiously. They didn't know each other for a long time, so they asked me to ask Teacher Qu in the Chinese calligraphy class.

   Teacher Qu first praised my love for brainstorming and clever associations. Then, he told me that the youngest Oracles were four to five thousand years old, and some were even more than eight thousand years old. Seeing my tongue stretched out in surprise, he slowly told me the story of the oracle bone inscriptions: the origin of the character "人" is a pictogram, and "" means the appearance of an adult standing sideways. "" means knowing, and the word form means that one person follows another person to act, so the pronunciation of the word is "cong", while "" means that two people walk side by side, pronounced as "comparison". "" is the two people back to back, indicating the direction "north"; "" is the image of an adult standing on the ground frontally. The oracle bone inscription of "bao" means that adults protect children behind them when they are in danger. The first wording is "", which reflects the great love of our ancestors for the next generation... Teacher Qu explained while writing With the oracle bone inscriptions, I gradually became fascinated.

   Suddenly, Teacher Qu wrote "" on the blackboard, let me guess. According to the teacher's explanation, I quickly guessed that the radical on the left is "people" and the radical on the right is like a small tree. With a clever idea, I jumped up and shouted, "Resting the character'Hui'!" The teacher stood up to me. thumb. The interest in my heart has become more sweet.

   Unknowingly, two hours passed. The sunset seems to have also become interested in Oracle, and he sneaks in from the window to eavesdrop. At this time, my mother called me to go home for dinner, but I was full of Oracles and kept thinking: Our ancestors were so smart, and inventions and creations left so much precious wealth to future generations. What should we do?

   The fifth grade of Qinghe Road No.1 Primary School, Fuyang City, Anhui Province: Huang Xiaoxue

   Chapter 8: Childhood Fun 500-Word Essay-Fun Stories in the Snow

"Hey! Look at me trying to catch the moon in the haystack!" "I'm flashing! One hundred meters!" "Oh! I was hit, look at my spiral ball!" Hearing this sound, do you want to know we are here? What are you doing? Haha, we are playing a snowball fight!

   One morning, I got up from the bed and saw that it was still snowing outside, and the earth had already become a silver-white world.

   I immediately put on my coat and called my friends, we ran to the snow alive, ready to have a snowball fight.

   I have a team with Sun Yiming, and Zhao Deyu with Shaoyang. The snowball fight has begun!

   I rushed out of the battlefield, preemptively, and sent a "Swallow Flashback" to Zhao Deyu. The snowball just hit him. Sun Yiming tiptoedly walked to the back of Shaoyang, grabbed two hands of snow from the ground, and thought: "You can't hide this time!" Who knows, Zhao Deyu discovered Sun Yiming's "conspiracy", just when Zhao Deyu was about to throw the snowball at When Sun Yiming, Sun Yiming immediately threw the snow in his hand at Zhao Deyu, and took the opportunity to ran back to our "position", and we were all secretly proud.

   Zhao Deyu took advantage of our lack of precautions, picked up two snowballs and made a "double blow". Fortunately, I avoided it in time, but Sun Yiming was not so lucky. After Sun Yiming was hit, he felt a "trick" in his heart: "Dare to hit me? See if I won't smash you into the water!" Sun Yiming picked up a lot of snowballs and came out with "a hundred bullets". Zhao Deyu and Shao Yang couldn't dodge. , Can only eat snowballs.

   After countless PKs, Sun Yiming and I finally won the snowball fight.

   This snowball fight made me spend the silvery winter happily, and the snowball fight became a cheerful note in my childhood symphony!


"Interesting" thing

   The sun softens, and everything in the world is suddenly harmonious...

   "School is over!" After the bell rang, the school was full of noise. Yang Ping and I were walking on the road from school, talking and laughing, but our eyes were in the grass on the side of the road. We picked up the stone...

   We all like to pick up those unobtrusive little stones around us, and those little stones often bring unexpected surprises. They are not jade, emerald, or diamond, but they are decent.

   Today we have a heart-shaped little guy, but we are not satisfied yet. Yang Ping set a piece of land next to me as the target and grabbed it hard as if she found something. Who knows, a fat and golden caterpillar came into our sight, and the scene was silent for three seconds.

   "Ah!" We screamed, our voice resounding through the sky. insect! I am most afraid of bugs. This bug broke the beauty just now.

   "Oh my God! Oh my god! Bugs!" I was trembling with fright, I almost cried when I thought of the soft, small body wriggling in the palm of my hand. The victim Yang Ping also had a big reaction. She stared at the yellow bug with fearful eyes, and quickly took my hand and ran to the distance.

   Two minutes later, everything returned to its original beauty. Two eleven-year-old girls were talking and laughing while picking up strange-shaped stones on the side of the road...

   What an interesting thing! Until now, I can’t forget it for a long time, and I’ve always been thankful that the "lucky guy" is not

    An interesting thing

   As the saying goes: "You get melons when you grow melons, and beans get beans when you grow melons." Whenever I think of this sentence, I can't help but recall an interesting thing in childhood.

   When I was five years old, one day, my grandfather taught me to grow pomegranates. He first put the seeds in the soil, watered them, and fertilized them. A few days later, they sprang up. Grandpa also said to me: "When the seedlings grow up, they can still bear fruit. Then, we can eat pomegranates." I thought to myself: If you grow pomegranates and grow pomegranates, then I plant the chicken legs in the soil. Will a chicken leg tree grow? At that time, I will have fried chicken drumsticks that I can't finish! I want to drool.

   I did it, I ran home, took out a greasy chicken drumstick from the refrigerator, planted it in the soil, filled the soil, watered it, fertilized it, and dreamed of eating chicken drumsticks every day.

   One day later, I came to the flowerpot and saw that the chicken legs hadn't grown. I thought: Maybe the drumsticks are too big, it will take time.

   Another day has passed, but the chicken legs are still not moving. I feel very surprised. I opened the soil and took a look, ah! Why are my chicken legs only bones? I cried sadly: "Wow! My chicken legs..." Grandpa heard it, and hurried over to ask: "What's the matter?" I told Grandpa what happened. Grandpa laughed after hearing this, and touched my head and said to me: "Silly boy, only plants can grow. Chicken legs are not plants, so you can't grow fruit. I didn't realize until I heard it.

   I couldn't help but laugh when I thought of this funny childhood story.

  The fifth grade of Xiaojudeng School of the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee: Shi Yifan

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