deep love quotes for him

deep love quotes for him

1. I love you not because you are, but because I am where I am with you.

2. Don’t take my worries voluntarily. No matter how much I love you, there will be a tired day somewhere.

3. It is very uncomfortable to love someone and that person does not love you, but the most painful thing is that you love someone without ever having the courage to tell them.

4. I got lost with you. That’s how I wish I was lost again

5. As time goes on both sides of the horizon, my thoughts become deeper and deeper. I want to have a quiet late afternoon or a sunny morning to bring you enough melancholy and loneliness in my heart.

6. Falling in love with smart people will be very happy because they are funny and talkative, but there are always crises because these people can easily change their hearts. It’s easy to fall in love with good people, but life is also very boring.


deep love quotes for him

7. People say unless a man changes his heart, the nine cows cannot be taken away. Can a woman change her heart and remove the nine cows? There are only physical differences between men and women and similarities in psychology.

8. Things do not make us afraid to do things because of the difficulties, but because we dare not do things.

9. This love not only warms these worldly hearts.

10. A woman's pride is not how beautiful she is, but her husband's love for her.

11. Even if you’re sad, don’t frown because you don’t know who falls in love with your smile.

12. If someone you love doesn’t love you the way you want them to, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all their hearts.

13. At this point, I seemed to have seen the whole world coming before me. The tiles of the ruins are carved with vivid memories and now they are quietly clinging to the ground. No matter how careful I am to proceed calmly, sometime I will discover that I am just someone who is exiled from my memory.

14. If I do not love you, I will not lose you, I will not be jealous of the opposite sex around you, I will not lose my self-confidence and fighting spirit, and I will not suffer. If I couldn’t love you, that would be great.

15. If it’s great, it won’t hunt very well. If she can hunt well, she will not be great. If it's worth it, don't give up. If you surrender, you do not deserve it.

16. There is a love that we did not understand when we were young, but when we realize that we are no longer young.

17. Don’t waste your time with those who don’t want to hang out with you.

18. I love you. Those who have already lost their freedom, those who love, do not hesitate, and the heart of love is burned.

19. It depends on whether a person has associations, speaks from within and claims to be from without. You may also consult the letter. You can see a person's knowledge and achievements in a conversation. A dress can recognize a person’s taste, the writing can identify a person’s character.

20. Learn to share love with others. You also need to learn not to stick to what you like. The greatest love is to do something more beneficial to the person you love, even if it makes you feel bad.

21. It will take a long time for a person to mature after achievements and sudden relentless despair in their life.

22. If one cannot forget, it will be very painful. Stop worrying about yourself and quickly forget about the painful thing.

23. There is so much heat in my life. I gave you everything, but if you leave me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future?

24. At night, in front of the lonely lamp, I went into unwritten thoughts. When I didn’t get it, I went for a walk on the beach and grass where we were walking, looking at the stars and the moon and I called you!

25. In the eyes of a lover, a journey of a thousand kilometers does not exceed a mile.

26. If he loves you and you love him, then you should not lie to him, even if friendly deception is the best thing, no, because after all it is your love.

27. Why do you rarely see the legendary and eternal love stories in your life? Precious Things Are Precious Why is this type of relationship so valuable? Are Gold Diamonds unique?

28. Wherever you are, whatever your reason for being busy, I will stay here.

deep love quotes for him

.1. God can arrange a meeting with others before we meet this person in our dreams. Finally, when we meet someone, we must thank him.

32. The worst way to lose someone is to be close to them, but as if they are far away.

33. If there is no such love, give me more love.

34. Life is a pure flame. We live in the invisible sun in our hearts.

Sometimes 35. Sometimes it's like your husband when you love someone. In the end he moves more. But it does not matter, is it your choice? If you choose it, no matter how strong you are, if you know how much you miss, what truth you need to tell about grief.

. 36. When I loved her I loved her and she's not fair, so I do not like to hear bad news about her and I can not do it now. Bless him when you remember him, I hope you have fun. If it's not resolved, I apologize. There is a difference between love and romance.

37. When you are together, perhaps with those who are not coming soon, remember this sentence: If you lose, you will not be able to return.

38. Forgetting hurts as always, and it's still there. But the pain was before, because I do not remember, but the pain now is to forget.

I want to live all the memories of the past without mercy. Because as long as my thoughts go on, I can only lose my madness.

40. Do not talk too little about life forever. Who can guarantee the future? How can we understand the local feelings of that time. But it is made up of countless gifts throughout life and works forever in every moment.

.1. Deal with my hand, give her a strong electric shock, add my thoughts to him and send her from the sun and clouds to the blue sky, give you warmth, warm your little boy's hand, I miss you!

.2. The sooner you get used to reality, the better your chances are. The sooner you accept this fact, the more you will enter the new world.

. 43. If you want to know if someone loves you depends on whether he is active with you, happy, if he loves you, otherwise he will not love you.

44 is over. Do not cry because it is over, smile because it is over.

45. Mountains and rivers can separate people, but they can not really stop you wherever you go. My heart is always with you.

46. ​​No one deserves your tears, and what you deserve will not make you cry.

I love love. It is impossible to be together in a love life, but no matter how much time you spend, people travel a lot, go to the bus stop and always go on a new journey.

. 48. If you are already together, you must work hard and believe in each other. Do not doubt the unwanted content. It does not work at all. It also reflects your insecurities, so someone helps you. Your faith will gradually diminish.

49. I want a white cloud to float freely in the sky. This is the only way I can see you every day. When you get there I will swim there. I always want to be with you!

.0. My grief is like a sad bird at sunset, a sad bird unfortunately ran at sunset.

39. I want to throw all my memories into the past without mercy. Because as long as my thoughts are on him, I can't stop missing him madly.

40. Besides winning, don't talk about all your life, who can guarantee the future? What we can accept is nothing but local feelings at that time. But in life, it also consists of countless gifts, and every moment of toil is eternal.

41. Come face to face with my hands, blow a breeze of heat, add my thoughts to the blue sky, bring my warmth to you from the sun, from the clouds, warm your little hands, I miss you!

42. The sooner you accept reality, the greater opportunities await you; The sooner you accept this fact, the more you will be able to move on to a new life.

deep love quotes for him

43. If you want to know if a person loves you, it depends on whether he is active with you, happy, whether he has love or not.

44. Don't cry when it's over, smile when it's over.

45. Mountains and rivers can hinder people, but no matter where you go, they cannot close your heart. My heart will always be with you.

46. ​​No one deserves your tears, and whoever deserves it will not make you cry.

47. You can't stay with a love for a lifetime, but people are on a long journey, rushing to and from a transfer station, no matter how long you stay, always take another flight.

48. If you are already together, you have to work hard to trust each other. Not just because of a trivial matter. It doesn't do anything. It is also an expression of your lack of self-confidence, which in turn will cause others to treat you. I am gradually losing my confidence.

49. I wish I were a white cloud floating freely in the sky. Only then can I see you every day. When you go there, I swim there too. I want to be with you always!

50. My sorrow is like a sad bird at sunset, and a sad bird flies to my sorrow like the setting sun.

51. There is always a need for a little warmth. Even some righteous memory. I don't want to let you go, I don't want to set you free, I don't want to see you out of my life.

52. Every time I think of you, if I get a flower, I will always walk among the flowers.

53. Sad love belongs to me or to memories. I loved going back to the original season when the flowers opened, not like before! I left Cape Town with you, we asked all the way there!

54. Misses There are always moments when they have to gather, and the most reluctant thing in life is always the deepest hidden and unknown to people.

55. Destiny brings me together with you, emotion makes me like you, my longing reminds you, sorrow makes you think, time makes me fall in love with you, paradise accepts you, everything I think of is you, meeting is my blessing.

56. Don't worry, the best will always appear when you wait.

57. Love has always been thousands of times. How can you know to love someone if you have never been abandoned or offended? Love turned out to be an experience, I hope it will last forever.

58. I once loved a man. I told him about my daily mood. Now I write sometimes, but I do not publish. I only write changes, changes and deletions. Then I realize that it is not as good as writing. In the end, I did not say a word.

59. You are lucky because you can decide to love me or not, and I can only love you or love you more.

60. We all have moments of despair. Only when we face courage do we know how strong we are.

61. If I could be with you, I would let all the stars in the sky disappear, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.

62. Some people have too many smiles on their faces because there are too many tears in their hearts.

63. According to the world, you are human. But for someone you are the whole world.

64. I want to use all my thoughts to write about you here, to write many words that make you think of you and to read quietly every day, to beat every song about you, my heart, like waves, so my you miss me so much!

65. It turned out that they are together (for separation) / There is a love that will never meet / will never open / will never remember, like a fire that can never ignite / alone / dark sky.

66. I have always believed that memory is not misleading. Even if you can not live in love, you have memories. In the dark days, memory is like a floating life and it assures me that it will not disappear.

67. I believe in destiny. There is always someone in the audience tying the same red rope to my legs.

68. You know, thinking about someone's taste is like appreciating the strong beauty and then he tells you to deal with a very small sound ...

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