funny motivational stories for employees

 funny motivational stories for employees

After crossing several districts, when the train stopped, peeping outside, he called a blueclad railway worker and said - "O brother! This is a train or the genie of Aladdin's lamp."

"What happened ?"
"Fucking not to stop. Made a lot of noise, but nobody heard it."

"It is not a bus that gave voice to the driver or
conductor and got off anywhere, this train is mian."

"Train is mian!" Sheikhchilli said- "I know this thing very well.

"Then why are you asking?"
"What am I asking for?"

"You don't even know that the train does not stop without coming to the station."

"What are you talking about! Who doesn't know stupid, we know."
"You know then why are you asking?"
"It is our will."

funny motivational stories for employees

"Oh! So, you were fooling me?"
"Hey! What shall we make Bane Bane?"
"Oh! Nonsense."

"You eat noon. You never eat lentils without vegetables."

"Strange is crazy." He left muttering there. Sheikhji laughed and laughed, and the train
started running again.

Shekhaji's Gapp - Sheikhchilli Stories -

Shekhchilli Stories - Gapp
One day Sultan Mir Murtaza asked the commander Sheikhji to look down on him - a strange question -

"Why Senapati! Who is the greatest king in the world?"

"Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria of the British".

Sheikhchilli replied.

"What do you mean?" The Sultan asked in surprise.
"The sun never sets in his kingdom. His kingdom extends from east to west."
The Sultan became silent upon hearing this.

Oneday Sultan and Sheikhchilli went to the jungle playing hunting. In the afternoon, they started
resting in the thick shade of trees, some distance away from a lake. "Show the horses
water too." The Sultan said to Sheikhchilli.

Sheikhji walked with the horses. Takingthe horses to the lake, Sheikhji showed the water
from far away and brought it back. The horses remained thirsty. On looking at the thirsty horses, the Sultan said - "Did not make them drink water?"

"Your order was to show water to the horses, so, I have brought them to show. The order for feeding was not received."
"You are a great general, Senapati.

Sheikhchiliji Bahadur." The Sultan laughed and laughed saying, "The further you are in war skills, the less your practical knowledge."

"You consider my spot reply as foolishness, this is your view. What can I say. "Now drink water." Sultan said smiling.

"Now you have to feed." "It is a change of understanding, or otherwise intelligent people
do two things to tell one thing."
"Give one up?"

"Yes! If I had asked to see the water, then
the water should have been drunk." "Ainda, I will do two things to tell you one thing." "Go, now drink water, horses will be thirsty."

Sheikhji brought water to drink. After a long time, one day Sultan's Begum became ill.

The Sultan had Sheikhchilji because he had become good friends with the Sultan. They started living together all the time. 

Sultan said to Sheikhji - "Begum is ill, call a good doctor or hakeem, send someone quickly." "Get it now." Sheikhji said.

Sheikhchilli called three servants and took them aside and explained something. The servants went away. After some time, Vaidyaji also came.

He began to see the pulse that a servant came with the shroud and the third brought the grave diggers.

"What is all this?" Sultan said in anger. "I have brought the shroud by the order of General Bahadur Chilli Sahab." One said.

"Chilli Bahadur had ordered me to call the people who dig the grave. They have come to take the measurements of the dead."

"Fucking! Sheikh Chilli's father is not killed here."
"Excuse me, sir!" Sheikhchilli came forward and said - "My father had died long
ago, the poor thing is in heaven. 

Now the talk
of Begum Sahiba, as you once said that every
intelligent man does two things to tell one thing, thinks ahead.

Thinking that we havea alsocalled Vaidyaji, have also asked for the shroud and the grave diggers have also come.

We have thought ahead. You told us one thing, we have done three, then the thing is that God is not crispy.

Could anything happen to Begum? "The Sultan fell silent. Sheikhchilli's responses were unique. The Sultan understood that it was impossible to defeat Sheikhchilli.

"Shekhaji koi kya gappa." One day the Sultan
said to Chilli. "What can I tell, you gossip, we
have so many truths that they do not even take the name of ending." "Then tell."


Sheikhji started telling the story ---- "Once we
went to Mansuri with the intention of walking
in summer. We danced a lot in the snow. Lots
of barefoots kept playing in the snow field,
but, then one day…"

"What happened?" Sultan asked shocked.
"Sir, we were spotted by the Himalayas, and we had to run to die. Now you think, where we and where the Himalayas.

We got scared. Run away barefoot, but the
Himalayas were behind us and confronted us.
We hit him like that He cried, but we were
afraid too.

Then our eyes fell on the pea's enticement. We tied the Himalayas to the pea's cloak. By tying it there, we left, but the Himalayas got a big bastard. Uprooting the tree followed us. I felt. When we got angry, we also decided to have fun tasting the Himalayas.

We stayed where we were, Hujur stopped. Stretched standing. The Himalayas came very close to us. We grabbed the Himalayas with both hands and swung and bounced. Gave. The whole day, five hours and forty-seven minutes, in ten seconds, went north and fell, where even Today, it is killed. "

The Sultan and his begum laughed with laughter. "Why tell the gossip when we have such truthful things, we have. Such sentences have passed."

Sheikhchilli said with a smile. "It's a nice chat." The Sultan laughed hoarsely. "So have you agreed that this is a good gossip."

"Yes ."

"Thank you, that's what I wanted." Laughter emerged on Sultan Mere's face.

Sheikhchilli lived here as long as Sultan.
Mir Murtaza lived. After his death, he went to
his ancestral village with his wife and children.

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