horror story in english 200 words

horror story in english 200 words 

A collection of short horror stories

A collection of short horror stories

1 month ago · From the column Mr. Gongsun pulls a calf

As Stephen King described it, the real horror is the feeling of weightlessness, as if you were walking down the street and someone was pushing involuntarily.

So it is said that story 3 is a work of horror by Mr. Zhou Dedong, and the original text has changed slightly.

(If nothing happens, I will update it from time to time in column ~)

1. A nightmare

Someone went to jail. The prison was up and down. It was strange that the man in the upper bunk looked stupid and never spoke. From the first day in prison, this person has often had nightmares and the content of dreams is the same.

He dreamed of walking in a dark alley where a woman in a red dress killed a child. He wanted to ask for help, but his voice was quiet and he could not move. In less than a month, this man was tortured and miserable.

He stopped sleeping that night, but kept his eyes open.

In the middle of the night, he suddenly heard a man upstairs talking. His voice was very low, as if he were talking in a dream or telling a story.

He listened carefully for a while and suddenly felt the crawl.

"You are walking in a dark alley, the surrounding light is very dark, you saw a woman in a red dress, she picked up a knife and killed a child ..."

2. Windows

A female journalist went to the countryside to collect landscapes and spent the night in a dilapidated small hotel in the evening.

Upon entering the room, the light in the room was very dark.

On the opposite side of the bed there is an image of a man with sharp edges and corners, alive, especially the eyes.

As he slept at night, he always felt that someone was looking at himself in the dark, so he decided not to look at the painting as much as possible.

Early the next morning he walked and saw his scalp.

It turned out to be not a painting, but a window.

3. Throw something

Someone received a call from the company and the other party said only one suggestion: You missed something at home.

When he returned home, the man walked through the boxes and searched for a long time. There was nothing from the ID, the debit card, the mobile phone, the wallet ...

He suspected that someone was playing a prank.

That night, as he slept in the middle of the night, someone said awful in his ear: You lost the key.

4. Power

He lived only in a rented house and vaguely felt that someone turned the closet at night. He suddenly realized that he was a thief, but the timid girl did not dare to get up, so he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep until he heard nothing.

He thought the thief was gone, taking a deep breath, and got up when someone suddenly said in his ear, "I know you are not sleeping."

5. Daughter

The family died of a daughter who died of a sudden heart attack. Everything was amazing.

The parents were broken. To avoid seeing their daughter's body, they were urgently buried behind the house.

In the middle of the night, parents heard the sound of nails scratching wooden planks on the grass behind the house. The elderly couple felt their hair dragging and everyone said they were haunted. Over time, the elderly couple gradually stopped.

A few years later, the family moved to the grave and opened the coffin. The elderly couple shouted to death.

I saw in the coffin the marks of the nails, the clothes on his body and the blankets under his body torn one by one. It turned out that a few years ago ... this girl was buried alive.

6. See

River, not wide but deep. There is a boat on the river.

This is a ship thief, and the boater is a heartless guy. One day a man from the city crossed the river in his boat, took out his gold watch and wrapped it. Back then, mechanical watches were a luxury. The boat felt bad intentions and went ahead and got off. The people of the city fought, the boat took a wooden paddle, killed the people of the city, tied a large stone and threw it into the river.

The boiler wore a mechanical watch and continued rafting with the bodies of the people of the city.

A few days later, the clock accidentally fell into the river and hurried to save it. He could not find the watch, only the body ...

Twelve years later, the boiler stopped ferry service.

That day he fished in the river until dark and sunset, and could not catch fish, so he could not be disappointed. In the last net, he grabbed a metal object that turned out to be a bell that fell into the river! To his surprise, this watch Twelve years, how could it still be moving?

The boatman was wondering. Suddenly a head popped out of the water with a thud. It was the man from the city. His face was pale, but he smiled and said, "I wind it underwater every day!"

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