love quotes for him with images

 love quotes for him with images


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Touching love sentence 2021


love quotes for him with images


1. If you want to know his worthy love, whether you can get married, and whether you can spend a lifetime together, then talk to him about a long-distance relationship first. Long-distance love is the best test of love. People who can persist in long-distance relationships know how to give, cherish, and love better. It is true love that can persist in a long-distance relationship. If you can persist in a long-distance relationship, you can marry him without hesitation.


2. In a day of deep love, who can say clearly, what is sweet and what is bitter? I only know, and I will never look back when I am sure. If you want to lose, you lose to pursuit, and if you want to marry, you marry happiness.


3. You have to believe that there must be your love in the world, whether you are being surrounded by light and drowned by applause, or you are walking alone on a cold street getting wet by heavy rain, whether it is the early morning with light snow, or In the dusk scorched by the heat wave, he will definitely pass through the surging crowds in this world and walk towards you. He will definitely come to you with the heat and heavy love in his eyes, and hold you tight.




4. Let's get married, okay? That way we can stop talking on the phone and see your sleeping face every morning, and then have a not very rich but very warm breakfast together. Let's get married, okay? Then we can show off around with the red notebook issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau. We can hang wedding photos in the room and smile unconsciously when we look at it. Let's get married.


5. The eyes are raining for him, but the heart is holding an umbrella for him. This is love.


6. If you kiss a woman with a heartbeat of 250, it must be the first kiss. If you kiss a woman with a heartbeat of 180, it must be an affair. If you kiss a woman with a heartbeat of 120, it must be passionate love. If you kiss a woman with a heartbeat of 80, it must be a wife. If you kiss a woman with a heartbeat of 30, it must be Sister Feng. If you kiss a woman and your heartbeat reaches zero, it must be a myocardial infarction.




7. Love allows you to take a train, take a plane, or even just see the bright moon to feel each other's energy that never exhausts. Love is a pair of lingering hands that makes you feel sorrowful without regrets, hope the best, do your best, plan for the worst, and have the best mentality. Remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, change what can be changed, and accept what is true. Life is short, and every day is a beautiful day.


8. Love is a long-term tug-of-war. From our acquaintance to acquaintance, and then to love, there is a long tug of war. Two people who have not had any intersection for 20 years or more will inevitably quarrel and disagree. We are not one, we are only together because of love, and then love does not actually solve all problems.

love quotes for him with images


9. Love will belong to those who have been disappointed but still have hope; to those who have been betrayed but still believe in love; need to love those who have been hurt but still in love. If you still want to try, then never say goodbye; if you still feel you can continue, then never give up; if you can't give up loving someone, never say you love him.




10. Two people who love each other deeply, the more they understand each other's heart, the more critical they are towards the person they love, and the more likely they are to cause harm. Because I love each other deeply, I become extremely sensitive. Love and hurt are always a pair of twin brothers, hurt because of love, and hurt because of love. If love is too deep, it is easy to see the scars, but as long as the true love is still there, the scars will become a token of love.


11. Some affections are fleeting; some affections continue and develop into love. There is a long way to go, and they may disappear in the end. But you will never forget that you fell in love with someone in an instant, how romantic it is.


12. Love is like a gear, mouth after mouth, how painful and painful, only I know how. Those pasts all rushed to my heart, where did they start deceiving?


13. There is no totally lighthearted love in this world. Love cannot be bargained. If you accept love, you must follow him. You can't say: I don't want this, I want more of this. When there is anxiety, there is relaxation. There are troughs and climaxes. All of this makes you rich, makes you deep, and indispensable. I don't think about whether this is true love or not? Because true love doesn't give me time to think and hesitate.

love quotes for him with images


14. I don’t know how long the time in a glass of wine is, and is it worth it? I don’t know how long it takes for a meteor to pass, and is it worth pursuing? I don’t know how long the flowers bloom in a season. How long will it be brilliant, is it worth the wait? I don't know how long I can hold on, stopping in the red dust for you, silently guarding your warmth.


15. Love is a kind of encounter, one cannot wait or prepare.


16. In my heart, I engraved a person's name and everything about that person, his smile, his words from his back, and his loneliness. The years are silent, and the permanent memory in my heart cannot be erased. It's as if you have done a stupid thing, and you still remember it clearly when you are old.


17. At a certain moment, we all thought we had grown up. But one day, we finally discovered that in addition to desire, growing up means courage, responsibility, perseverance, and some kind of necessary sacrifice. In front of life, we are still children. In fact, we have never grown up, and we still don’t know how to love and be loved.


18. Love is an illusion that is easy to be doubted, once it is seen through, it will automatically disappear.


19. Maybe love is always like this, red face first, then red eyes.


20. Love, the simpler the happier. It’s best to only fall in love once in a lifetime. If you experience too much, you will become numb; if you separate too much, you will get used to it; if you change lovers, you will compare; in the end, you will no longer believe in love; you will give up on yourself; you will The walking dead; you will marry someone you don't love and live like this for the rest of your life.


21. The so-called true love means that you can still show a true heart to treat you even after the love is broken.


22. One of the most wonderful things in the world is: when you love someone, take your hand!


23. 2012, sad, joy, anger, sorrow and joy to the station, has been busy in secret love, no courage to tell the truth, watching the time flow, every minute of unwillingness, one year is left, are you still taciturn? Come love me fool, Give you peerless love.


24. Love is a responsibility. It's not that I can't meet better, but because I already have you, I don't want to meet better. It's not that I won't be tempted by others, but because I already have you, there is no need to be tempted by others. It's not that I won't fall in love with others, but I know how to cherish you even more. It's not easy to be together, so don't just let go of those who have been selected. It is enough to meet you, even if you are not the best, but I only love you.

love quotes for him with images


25. To love you is to love who you are now, not to toss your past, not to force your changes, to face the wind and rain with you, and let the sky of love be light and green. Every moment, I just want to plant happiness on your heart.


26. No one deserves your tears, and the one who deserves it won't make you cry.


27. Without the light in the darkness, I am worried that you are afraid of getting lost like a child.


28. On the banks of the Linghe River, beside the Sanshengshi, I don’t look at the flowers and willows, I just wait for you to appear. You are a floating boat, and you will have a tiring day after all. Come to the shore, here is your most beautiful scenery. Miss you, bitter and sweet!


29. Happiness and happiness are so similar, but is happiness happiness?


30. She can make you live or die, because she used to be the rib that protects a man's heart. She can protect your heart and pierce a man's heart.


31. Temporarily store the sweet taste in my heart, let the feeling of happiness last forever, pack the hope of love with infatuation, bravely carry it, and use my deep blessings to create the sweetness of your life. May happiness be with you. !


32. If one day we are no longer together, we shall be like together.


33. A lonely person will always remember everyone who has appeared in his life with his heart, so I always think of you unsatisfactorily. Counting my loneliness over and over on every night when the stars are falling.


34. Memories of rotting leaves, those fresh and green have long been buried in the front part of the time scale, only the overwhelming rotting smell remains at the end of the time scale.


35. Maybe you can love many people, but only one person will make you smile the brightest and cry the saddest. For me-they should all smile brilliantly, but I don't understand who gives me the most brilliant smile. Cry, that's often. But I don’t understand sadness, who makes me sad the most. It's just that my heart hurts too much, too much...then I didn't feel the pain anymore. I can't remember the light and shadow of those shifts.


36. Many things that we think we will never forget in our lifetime are forgotten by us in the days we never forget.


37. Whenever I look at the sky, I don’t like to talk again. Whenever I talk, I don’t dare to look at the sky again.


38. It is better to have loved and failed than to have never loved.


39. Life is like a ball. The person who taught you the first steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.


40. The love I meet in reality is either sweet and greasy, or bitter and sad, and I want to be plain.


41. Nuo is originally a struggle between men and women, and sometimes everyone is happy because of the occasional fulfillment. In most cases, it hurts both sides, because it becomes a lie and eventually a deception.


42. In front of yourself, there should always be a place, stay there alone, and then love. I don't know what it is, who it is, how to love, and how long it can be. I just wait for love once, maybe there will be no one forever, but this kind of waiting is love itself.


43. We will always like some people when we are not defending. No reason, maybe just a gentle smile, a concerned greeting. Maybe they haven't met before, maybe they don't share the same interests, maybe they are not at the same height, but they are firmly in their hearts. If you should come in the dark, there is nowhere to escape. It's like you like a song, often because of a melody or a lyrics that touches you. Like or hate is something that makes people baffling.


44. It is a great happiness to do your favorite things in your favorite way every day. Then, repeat this happy way of doing things and the mood of doing things every day, and form a habit over time. Over time, this habit will become a character, and character determines fate. Personality is not born, it's how it is cultivated. Therefore, to make your destiny turn around, you must find your favorite things.


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