sarcastic funny quotes on life

 sarcastic funny quotes on life

Interesting Quotes About Life In General Quotes And Words  

People say that nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. - AA Milne

 More Two things are infinite: the universe and the idiocy of man;

 I'm not sure about the universe. - Albert Einstein 

sarcastic funny quotes on life

 If success in life is equal to x plus y plus z. Job x; y is a game; z Your mouth is closed. - Albert Einstein 


To be successful in life, you need three things: a viscera, a spine, and a funny bone. - Reba McIntyre 


Friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but the real ones stand out in your face like octopuses. - Anonymous 

Each quote expresses the opinions of its author and does not commit Dicocitations.

Funny phrase: quotes proverbs and funny sayings

Writers, politicians and humorists offer an endless field of funny aphorisms in which it is delicious to immerse yourself.

 A selection of brilliant word games, from our cultural heritage or from the pens of the greatest authors!

The best of witticisms, murderous phrases and other distilled verbal delicacies

Words drawn over a repartee, a speech or a work, they constitute as many humorous pearls that the lover of good words likes to collect.

The doctors are clear: laughter is health! Every day, discover humorous quotes from the greatest laughers: Coluche, Pierre Desproges, Pierre Dac, Groucho Marx ... The funniest quotes to be brilliant in all circumstances! An anthology of celebrity pearls, quirky and ambiguous little phrases, unstoppable short stories and other humorous, cult thoughts.

Have you seen how popular Mr. Sarkozy is in the Amazon rainforest?

Christian Estrosi

Fadela Amara in the government, this shows the limits of Fogiel casting.

Nadine morano

Johnny Hallyday who announces his intention to remain French and Bernard Laporte who enters the government, it is a good period for French intelligence.

Francois Goulard

It is the same creator who named the stars and who knows the names of the seven souls we mourn today. The Columbia shuttle crew did not return to Earth intact, so we can pray that they are all safe at home.

George W. Bush

Some men get what they deserve: others are single.

Sacha Guitry

There are two ways to take a woman: by size and by feelings.

Henri Bataille

Women who love us for our money are very nice: at least we know what to do to keep them.

Francis Blanche

I have a trick to remember your wife's birthday: you just have to forget it once !.

Michel galabru

A used car is called a car where all the parts make noise except the horn.

Pierre Dac

It is good to treat friendship like wine and beware of mixtures.


From a man everything is possible; of a woman everything is probable.

Henri de R├ęgnier

On his deathbed, man thinks rather of raising his soul than rabbits.

Louis Auguste Commerson

Mozart was so precocious that at 35 he was already dead.

Pierre Desproges

When it comes to physical love, textiles are more embarrassing than principles.

Philippe Bouvard

Traffic accidents are not caused by alcohol, but by the car. The proof: put an alcoholic in a wheelchair, he won't kill anyone.

Luis Rego

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