short cute quotes about life

short cute quotes about life

1. Can't calligraphy and painting, and it is too tiring to wash and cook.

2, the salted fish turned over, or the salted fish.

3. Lei Feng did good things without leaving a name, but everything was recorded in his diary.

short cute quotes about life

4. People who do not want to be slaves are willing to be slaves to the renminbi.

5. I am not a prince, why do girls always think that they should be a princess when they meet me!

6. A woman's ignorance is virtue, I must be too wicked.


7. Knowledge is like underwear, invisible but important.

8. Women like men who grow bad, not men who grow bad.

9. Our love died on this day, just to give each other a chance to be born again.

10. Don't be obsessed with brother, sister-in-law will beat you up.

11. I am a white-collar worker: I received my salary today, paid the rent, water and electricity, bought instant noodles with oil rice, touched my pocket, and sighed, this month’s salary is again white-collar...

12. A real warrior, dare to face his face without makeup.

13. When I am drunk, I am not convinced by anyone, so I will help the wall!

14. Ming Sao is easy to hide, but it's hard to guard against it

15. I curse you for buying instant noodles without seasoning packs for the rest of your life.

16. There is no energy to lose weight if you don't eat enough.

17. All problems are ultimately a matter of time, and all troubles are actually self-seeking troubles.

18. When I was young, I thought I could save the whole world when I grew up, but when I grew up I realized that the whole world could not save me.

19. I thought I was very decadent. I just learned today that I was scrapped a long time ago.

20. During the onset of intermittent depression, do not disturb strangers and do not look for acquaintances.

21. If you don’t have medical insurance and life insurance, don’t act bravely after dark...

22. Women are anxious when men do not make money, and women regret when men make money.

23. Saying that money is a sin, all are fishing; saying that beautiful women are disasters, all want; saying that high places are not cold, all are climbing; saying that tobacco and alcohol hurt the body, do not quit; saying that heaven is the best, do not go!

24. The crowded bus is a comprehensive exercise that includes a variety of sports and fitness programs such as Sanda, yoga, judo, and balance beam.

25. Men have gold under their knees, but under my knees are foot hairs.

26. I am convinced that there will be a man who will come to this world to be tortured by me.

27. Journey to the West tells us: All monsters with a backstage were picked up, and those without a backstage were beaten to death by a stick.

28. The greatest sorrow in life is that youth is not there, but pimples are still there.

29. The little girls all wanted to find a white horse in their dreams. When they opened their eyes, they found that the whole world was full of gray donkeys. After grief, they could only choose a strong one from the donkey group. Named: Affordable Male.

30. I'm going to cry, I'm going to make trouble, stay up all night, hold a bottle of sleeping pills in my hand, and hang a small rope. No matter how ugly, you have to fall in love. When it comes to the world is full of love.

31. Our goal: to look to the money, to make a profit.

32. The sky hasn't fallen to me, and I still suffer my mind and my bones.

33. This is often the case in the world. It is too late to turn around. Even if you are willing to become a bad horse, there may not be any turning back waiting for you.

34. Work hard! ! For your Audi my Dior.

35. I like you so much. If you like me, you will die.

36. Parents fooling their children is called education; children fooling their parents is called deception; fooling each other is called generation gap.

37. The red bean does not grow in the South, but it grows on my face, the truth is!

38. Those who do not get married for the purpose of getting married are all hooligans.

39. The mark of immature men can be a heroic sacrifice for ideals, and the mark of mature men can be a humble life for ideals.

40. Life is like Song Zude's mouth. You never know who will be the next unlucky one.

41. I am like a fly lying on the glass. The future is bright, but I can't find a way out.

42. A man's brain likes a woman's heart, but his eyes like a woman's appearance.

43, hands in pockets, no one loves.

44. When I see someone pretending to be B, I always lower my head. It's not that brother is well cultivated, but that brother is looking for bricks.

45. The sun is warm and the years are quiet. If you don't come, how can I grow old?

46. ​​I'm not a fortune-teller on the sky bridge. I can't tell you so many knocks that you love to listen to.

47. When the boss uses you, you are a talent, and when you are not used, it becomes a layoff!

48. The most contradictory place between lovers is fantasizing about each other's future, but thinking about each other's past.

49. Behind every successful man, there will be a woman who is full and has nothing to do.

50. Stand up when you fall down, change to a good-looking posture and then fall down

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