very short funny quotes about life


 very short funny quotes about life



1. The red bean does not grow in the South, but it grows on my face. The truth is thought!


2. When I am drunk, I won't accept anyone, so I will help the wall!


3. Knowledge is like underwear, invisible but important.


4. Although you sprayed cologne on your body, I can still vaguely smell a scum.


5. Women are anxious when men do not make money, and women regret when men make money.


6. There is no strength to lose weight if you don't eat enough.



very short funny quotes about life


7. When I love you, what you say is what you say. When I don't love you, what do you say you are.


8. I thought I was very decadent. I just learned today that I was scrapped early.


9. Parents fooling their children is called education; children fooling their parents is called deception; fooling each other is called generation gap.


10. If a person does not offend me, I will not offend others; if a person offends me, be courteous;


11. Protect yourself and love others. Please don't come out to scare people in the middle of the night.


12. Don't find me if there is nothing to do, let alone find me if there is a problem.


13. Not afraid of enemies like tigers, but teammates like pigs!


14. Ming Sao is easy to hide, but it's hard to guard against it.


15. The sky hasn't fallen for me, and I still suffer my mind and my muscles and bones.


16. This is often the case in the world, and it is too late to turn around. Even if you are willing to become a bad horse, there may not be any turning back waiting for you.


17. You have to work hard! For your Audi my Dior.


18. Inextricably, there is love besides teeth.


19. Qin, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy are not good, and it is too tiring to wash and cook.


20. Please don't take my tolerance of you as your shameless capital.


21. Don't say sorry to me, because we are okay.


22. Saying that money is a sin, they are all fishing; saying that beautiful women are disasters, all want them; saying that high places are too cold, they are all climbing; saying that smoking and drinking hurt the body, do not quit; saying that heaven is the most beautiful, do not go!


23, hands in pockets, no one loves.


24. I like you so much. If you like me, you will die.


25. It doesn't matter if your head is empty, the key is not to get water.


26. Knowing that you are not doing well, I feel relieved.


27. Shameless, if you do it well, you will have an excellent psychological quality!


28. Humph, I'm the most hooligan in winter. I always like to freeze my hands and feet.


29. If the exam can be rewarded with QB, the country will be prosperous and strong.


30. Youth is dedicated to the house, and middle-aged to the children.


31. Even if I scold you at ordinary times, I have to wait for me to beat you to know that I am both civil and military.


32. After breaking up, you treat me as if I sacrificed me when you die, and it's over.


33. Everyone is loved, flowers are blooming, cars are punctured!


34. I allow you to walk into my world, but not allow you to walk around in my world.


35. I am convinced that there will be a man who will come to this world because of my torment.


36. Journey to the West tells us: All monsters with a backstage were picked up, and those without a backstage were beaten to death by a stick.


37. Our goal: to look at the money, to make a profit.


38. After more than ten years of study, I think kindergarten is better!


39. My advantage is: I am handsome; but my disadvantage is: I am not so handsome.


40. When I was young, I thought I could save the whole world when I grew up, but when I grew up I realized that the whole world could not save me.


41. The happiness of an ostrich is just a pile of sand.


42. There are no couples who can't be separated, only the small three who don't work hard.


43. Don't talk about ideals with me, give up!


44. If you fall, get up and cry again.


45. Teacher, I met a robber, but my homework was robbed.


46. ​​Some people have backgrounds, and we have backs.


47. How many students lost to the last part of the text: recite the full text.


48. Salted fish turned over, or salted fish.


49. Tuomeng is the earliest wireless communication method in human history.


50. A woman's ignorance is virtue, I must be too wicked.


51. Announcement of test results: laugh if you do well, cry or laugh if you do not do well.


52. A woman is always strong and strong for a few days, even if she bleeds.


53. Life is like fighting a landlord, just as a group is the enemy in the blink of an eye.


54. Time does not forgive people, first of all, women cannot be forgotten; opportunities do not wait for others, first of all men cannot be forgotten.


55. I am not RMB, how can everyone like me?


56. In the days without women, I take pleasure in molesting men.


57. You'd better let me kneel and washboard. Kneeling electric heaters can't stand it.


58. What cannot extricate itself is love, and the carrots in other people's fields.


59. My wallet is like an onion. Every time I open it, I burst into tears.


60. What makes me proud and proud is that so far, the earth is still under my feet.


61. Don't force me, otherwise I will be great and out of control.


62. Whenever I eat and drink enough, I think of the serious thing about losing weight.


63. The longest love I have ever talked about is narcissism. Love yourself without rivals.


64. My credo of life is: live like a grandson for decades, become a grandfather and then die.


65. As long as you are thin, everything is versatile. If you are fat, everything is no match.


66. Everyone is original when they are born. Sadly, many people have gradually become pirated copies!


67. Friends who are more iron will melt as soon as they are burned.


68. Some people rely on strength in their exams, others rely on their eyesight, and my exams rely on rich imagination.


69. Show me less face, you think you are a palette.


70. I would like to ask: We have paid money in school, shouldn't we let the teacher listen to us?


71. Looking at beautiful women on the street, a higher gaze is appreciation, and a lower gaze is a hooligan.


72. It will be dark and the road will be slippery. On the way home, you may be more cunning than you.


73. Being young is a capital, but not working hard is worthless.


74. Although the bird is small, it plays with the entire sky.


75. Give me a woman and I can create a nation! Reply: Give you a sow, can the price of meat fall next year?


76. How dare I touch you? I'm afraid I will buy hand sanitizer to buy myself.


77. You think you will be in my heart for a long time. Tell you, you think too much.


78. In this age of abusive emotions, a sentence of "dear" is at best just a sentence of "hello"!


79. It's not that I don't want to lose weight, I'm just afraid of rebound.


80. Throw a coin, go to the Internet on the front side, sleep on the back side, and do your homework when you stand up.


81. I watch the time in the morning not to see what time it is, but to see how long I can sleep.


82. Believe is to believe, not to believe is not to believe, you are still WeChat.


83. Even if you have a famous flower, I will move you to my side.


84. Love that is not based on marriage is a hooliganism.


85. My strengths: the courage to admit mistakes; weaknesses: resolutely never change.


86. If one day I become a hooligan, please tell others that I have been innocent...


87. I am like a fly lying on the glass. The future is bright, but I can't find a way out...


88. I am like a grass, unable to extricate myself...


89. Find the cause of the problem first from your own body. Don't blame the earth's gravity for constipation.


90. Pregnancy is like pregnancy. It takes a long time to let people see it.


91. Money is not a problem, the problem is that there is no money!


92. A real warrior, dare to face his face without makeup.


93. To be a human being is to be a person hovering between cattle A and cattle C.


94. Trees don't need bark, and they will die; people are shameless and invincible.


95. Don't be lazy with me, I am too lazy to compare with you.


96. Health is easy. Live and easy. Life is not easy.


97. Life is like toilet paper. When it's okay, try to talk as little as possible!


98. Work, take a step back and broaden the sky, love, take a step back and go to the sky.


99. Since I became shit, no one has stepped on my head anymore.


100. The beauty of learning lies in making people confused; the beauty of poetry lies in inciting men and women to derail; the beauty of women lies in being so stupid that they have no regrets; the beauty of men lies in lying and talking.

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