Why women who are not easy to love are harder to forget-May 2021

Why women who are not easy to love are harder to forget-May 2021

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Some women are not easy to love. These are high-standard women who have never been prepared to solve other problems. These women are very demanding, but give you more in return.

When you fall in love with this type of woman, she will never be able to satisfy your choice. She will never be the one who begs the crumbs of your love. She will never settle down because you want everyone.

And, if you can't completely give up on herself, you shouldn't even try to be with her.

My best friend and lover

You may think that this woman is not easy to deal with, but this is because she will never blindly obey you. This does not mean that she is not prepared to compromise, but that she will always have her own opinions and will fight for it. This is not a woman who goes with the crowd, just to adapt to the masses. On the contrary, no matter how difficult the challenge is, she will always go her own way.

This is not a woman who will change her true identity, it just makes you like her more. She doesn't think she is perfect, but if you want to love her, you need to accept all her shortcomings.

This woman will never rely on you, because she knows she is a complete person with or without you. No matter how much she cares about you, she will never let herself be defined by a man. She is not afraid of being single, so you should never expect her to endure you, just let a person be by her side.

This woman will always demand respect. No matter how much she loves you, she will never allow you to abuse her. She knows what she deserves and will never be satisfied with any other conditions.

However, if you get the love of this woman, then you will always be her top priority. She will love you wholeheartedly and will give you your whole life. This woman will not be open to anyone, but if she opens up to you to consider, then you are lucky.

She will always support you and get your support. Even if you no longer believe in yourself, this woman will believe in you. She will respect your integrity and will not try to change you, but will push you forward. Thanks to her, you can become the best version of yourself without even realizing it.

This woman will never lie to you, and she will get the same expectations from you. She likes to hear the truth, no matter how harsh it is. If you try to lie, she will look at it directly. For her, lying is a sign of disrespect to others, and she thinks it is an insult to her intelligence.

Of course, she will always be honest with you. When you are alone, she will tell you everything, but she will always defend you in public.

This woman is not afraid to express her feelings. When she loves you, she will make sure you know. But she will also be open to things that bother her. She will never attack passively, nor will she wait for you to try and read your own thoughts to understand what went wrong. This woman will always tell you her dissatisfaction, but she also wants you to take action against them.

She will be patient with you, but this does not mean that she will give you many second chances. When she sees that you are not worthy of her, and she is the only one who is trying to build a relationship, the woman will walk away. She will never look back.

By then, you will realize that she is hard to be loved, but she is even harder to forget. From then on, you will begin to miss her eyes, fierce character and honesty. But what you miss most is the way she loves you.

In this case, you will realize that no other woman can love you as strongly as she does. This is when you realize that this woman is not only your lover, but also your friend. This is the woman who managed to wake you up best.

You will try to win her support. But deep down, you will know that you have missed the opportunity. You will look for her among all other women. But you will know that she is unique and no other woman can compare with her.

Therefore, if you have a woman who is not easy to fall in love with, instead of complaining, please thank you. And make sure you never let her let go, because if you want, trust me-you will regret it for life.

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