reason why men disappear and come back


reason why men disappear and come back

Not everything is set in stone, especially in the relationship between men and women. Our wiring method is different. This is why we learn about each other's behavior from time to time.  reason why men disappear and come back

However, why people pull the disappearing behavior and then try to come back, is contrary to logic. The first thing that comes to mind is that they are players. Nevertheless, it may not be that simple.

Sometimes, there are other reasons besides meeting other women in the field. Even if this is the most probable cause and the most meaningful cause, there are always exceptions to the rule.

For example, what are the other reasons why men disappear and reappear in their lives?

1. He still hasn't figured out how he feels about you

You will see that men must think clearly about some things before they are ready to build meaningful relationships. They take a step back to gain space for perspective and thinking.

Yes, I know that righteous people will say: "When you know, you will know. What is there to consider?" But sometimes there are many things to consider. You never know what is going on in someone's head or how their mind works.

If you think this is the reason, the worst thing is to chase him or ask for an explanation immediately. This will only make him more suspicious and run in different directions faster.

Give him a space where he wants to think. Even if it's hard, it's cool to play. But don't tolerate him coming in and out of your life many times.

His disappearance and comeback are far beyond your bargaining, and you are becoming super understanding because of your tolerance for the first time.

2. He has real feelings for you, which shocked him

He may have started to build a relationship with you and think about it one day at a time, but not having a clear goal what might lead to.

But once he has a better understanding of you, once he opens up to you and lets you in, it will make him vulnerable, and literature makes him so scared that he frightens and leaves.

He may be dealing with some problems, and his own insecurity or fear makes him act stupid. If he is just afraid, he may be worth a second chance. But if he does this for other reasons, please wave goodbye to him.

3. He doesn't want a real relationship

If his language is good, he will get you into trouble. You will not have a romantic relationship, and you will not be single.

He will give you the illusion that there is a real connection between the two of you. He will get your attention, and when you are alone, he will treat you super well.

But he will never call you his girlfriend. He will never introduce his friends and family to you. He might even say that he likes you, but he is not ready for a relationship now.

The fact is that he will never be ready, he will only keep you trapped. If a person acts like this, the tolerance is zero. Don't let him walk around as he pleases.

4. Things are going too fast

You and your man may not be on the same page from the beginning. Although he decided to take a step, you are already in trouble. The opposite is also possible.

His disappearance on you may be his subconscious attempt to slow down. The development of things overwhelmed him, and he might start to feel trapped.

If you think this is the reason, let him breathe and leave space. Slow down and keep up with him. Relationships need to be built brick by brick, and skipping steps is by no means a good choice.

In case he disappears again, let him go, but this time forever. If you are still trying to slow things down, there is no reason for him to treat you like this.

5. He focuses on other things

He may have other things that made him take these extreme actions. His work may put pressure on him or take up too much time. He may have family problems or even health problems and cannot lead a normal life.

How to make him miss you through text?

The point is that his focus is elsewhere, and he is not in a place where relationships can be built. His mind was messed up and he was not allowed to let anyone approach.

I know your first instinct is to help him, but if he doesn't allow you, you will be powerless. You can’t sort out his life until he manages to do it himself before he is ready to establish a real relationship with you or anyone else for this.

6. He has trust issues

Not all women are saints, and not all men are demons. He may be involved with someone who has depressed him.

If he leaves and then comes back, and you are clear about his past, then it is likely that he will develop trust issues, preventing him from letting you in and establishing a relationship with you.

Although you can understand or understand his origins, you still can't always keep the switch in your heart.

Try to talk to him publicly and tell him that you should not pay for someone else’s mistakes. If he disappears again, I am afraid there is nothing you can do. He must deal with his own trust problem.

7. He has a phobia

It seems that everyone else has a sense of fear these days. They are just not ready to build a relationship. They worry that it will trap them and restrict all their freedom.

They may be immature. Taking responsibility and focusing on a woman is not for them.

If he is afraid of promises, then there is nothing you can do. It is very likely that when he will do this again, it does not make sense to welcome him for the first time.

8. He is not sure if the two of you can really work

Sometimes, the fog of love becomes so dense that you can't see things clearly. Take a step back and look at the big picture. Do you really belong to each other's lives?

It's not necessarily anyone's fault. It's just because you are incompatible with the other person, and his attempt to return to life may just be to make sure that he didn't make a mistake the first time he disappeared.

Invite him to return to life and make sure you made no mistakes.


What is your opinion of this?

I have a different opinion. I think these people are not playing, but they are simply testing their boundaries and what to do when they have been pushed to the limit. They deserve another chance because this is their way of saying that they're unhappy and need help.

Why do guys disappear and reappear?

Men always come back because they want something. They want to be loved, they want to be respected, they want to be admired, and so on and so forth. We give them what they want and they disappear because we stop giving them what they want. Most women do not recognize this and think that it is because we do not love them enough.

When we take a break we actually need a break. We need time to figure out what we want and what we can tolerate and just because we want to figure this out does not mean that we don't want to be in a relationship. 

If we take a break and come back it is just because we want what we want. It is not because we don't want to be in a relationship, and we want to be in a relationship and we want to make it work. 

We need to make sure we want the same thing. If we come back and we want something totally different we don't care about what we had before we will leave again.

What is your opinion of this?

There are many reasons why men disappear and come back. Men often disappear because they are moving, swamped at work, or just needs some time alone. This does not mean that he doesn’t love you anymore. There are cases where a man disppears because he got involved with another person, but this does not mean that he doesn’t love you. 

In many cases, a man stays away to see if you would miss him. In some cases, a man might stay away because he wants to make sure you are the right person for him. If a man always comes back after he disappears, it is a sign that he is really interested in a relationship with you.

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