amazing motivational quotes of the day

 amazing motivational quotes of the day

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt

discarded is another step forward." "The best way to cheer

yourself up is to try to cheer someone else up." "Do not wait

to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."

1. Yesterday cannot be exchanged back, tomorrow is still uncertain, and the one who is sure is today. One day today, two days tomorrow (Yemanson)

2. If there is something tomorrow, do it today

3. The most obscure new era is today (Robert Louis Stevenson)

4. None of those who dedicate themselves to today is wasted (Italy)

5. To have a good tomorrow, you must start from today (Soviet Union)

6. Only by seizing today can we not lose tomorrow (Philippines)

7. For workers, fifty today is better than one hundred tomorrow (Japan)

8. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow (Germany)

9. Don't hesitate to spend an inch of it today, you must leave regrets tomorrow (France)

10. To live, believe me, don’t wait for tomorrow, just pick the rose of life today (Lonsha)

11. Today is today again, how little is today! Don't do it today, when is it? It’s not a pity that today is a hundred years of life! If Yan Gu waits for the Ming Dynasty to arrive, there will be Ming Dynasty affairs in the Ming Dynasty. To write the poem "Today" for Junchao, please start with today! (Ming Wenjia)

12. If you don’t chase yesterday, today’s day will be in a short period of time (Tang Lu Ling)

13. Don’t stay in the next life, and don’t chase in the past (Zhuangzi)

14. Don't do it today, you will die tomorrow. The old days are gone but never come (pipe)

15. If there is something to do today, the Ming Dynasty may hinder a lot (UK)

16. The egg of today is better than the chicken of tomorrow (Turkey)

17. Do today’s things, and the sun will never rise again for you (France)

18. Between today and tomorrow, there is a long time; while you are still energetic, learn to do things quickly. -Goethe

19. If we want to live, we should build for ourselves a clock full of feelings, thoughts and actions, and use it to replace this boring, monotonous, strangling the soul with depression, reproachful and coldly ticking time . -Gorky

20. The way to accomplish work is to cherish every minute. -Darwin

21. Arranging time reasonably is equivalent to saving time. --Bacon

22. You should observe carefully for understanding; you should work hard to understand for action. -Romain Rolland

23. Every bit of progress is slow and arduous. One person can only tackle one limited goal at a time. -Beveridge

24. Success = hard work + correct method + less empty talk. -Einstein

25. People who give up time, time also give up him. -Shakespeare

26. There is no way to get Shi Chuan to beat the past hour for me. --Byron

27. All human abilities are nothing more than a mixture of patience and time. -Balzac

28. Any saving is ultimately a saving of time. ——Marx

29. Time is the place where ability and so on develop. ——Marx

30. Time is the soil for all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to the dreamer and happiness to the creator. -McKinsey

31. Time is a great teacher. -Burke

32. Time is a great author. It will write a perfect ending for everyone. -Chaplin

33. Time is the least partial, and it is 24 hours to anyone; time is also partial, and it is not 24 hours to anyone. --Huxley

34. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. -Goethe

35. The hardworking bee never has time to sorrow. -Black

36. Of all the criticisms, time is the greatest, most correct, and most genius. -Belinsky

37. People who never waste time have no time to complain about not having enough time. ____ Jefferson

38. Time is my property, and my acreage is time. ____ Goethe

39. Arranging time reasonably is equivalent to saving time. -Bacon

40. Spring does not stay on its own, no wonder the east wind is evil. -Shakespeare

41. Those who abandon today will not have tomorrow; and yesterday, it is nothing but running water. --John Locke

42. The person who abandons time, time also abandons him. _____ Shakespeare

43. All savings, in the final analysis, boil down to time savings. ——-Marx

44. The use of time is an extremely advanced rule. --- Engels

45. Arranging time reasonably is equivalent to saving time. ——-Bacon

46. ​​What you do today do not wait for tomorrow, and what you do do not wait for others. ——-Goethe

47. If you didn't do what you should do today, you will be delayed tomorrow morning. ——-Pestalozzi

48. Wasting time is a big sin. --- Rousseau

49. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life. -Franklin

50. Think of every day you are alive as the last day of your life. -Helen Keller

51, prolonged and stumbling, there is not much to come, twenty beautiful, please come and kiss me, the grass is withered, the youth is easy to pass. ——-British dramatist Shakespeare.

52. Ordinary people only think of how to spend time, and talented people try to use time. ——-German philosopher Schopenhauer.

53. The golden age is in front of us, not behind us. ——-American writer Mark Twain

54. Life is short. If you waste your time, the short life will be too long. ——-British dramatist Shakespeare.

55. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never worry about running out of time. ——-German poet Goethe

56. No matter how gluttonous time swallows everything, we must strive to gain our reputation while this breath is still alive, so that the sickle of time cannot hurt us. ——Shakespeare【English】

57. Don't always sigh the past, it will never come back; improve the present wisely. We must devote ourselves to the complicated and confusing future with a firm will not worry or fear. ——Longfellow 【United States】

58. Don't sigh for the years that have passed away, you must face up to the time rushing away. ——Brecht【Germany】

59. When many people are lingering on a road, they have to let a road open and let the person who cherishes time rush to their front. ——Socrates [Ancient Greece]

60. A person who dares to waste even an hour of time shows that he still does not know how to cherish the full value of life. ——Darwin【English】

61. The coming day is longer than the past year. ——Forster【English】

62, gather the armpit into a fur, gather the sand into a tower. Although a few seconds are not long, they constitute a great era in the eternal river. ——Fletcher【English】

63. To save time means to make a person's limited life more effective, which is equivalent to prolonging the person's life span. ——Lu Xun

64. I think the most precious thing in the world is "now", and the easiest thing to lose is "this". Because it is the easiest to lose, I think it is more precious. ——Li Dazhao

65. It must be remembered that our study time is limited. Time is limited, not only because of the shortness of life, but also because of the complexity of personnel. We should strive to spend all our time doing the most useful things. -Spencer

66. The more a person knows the value of time, the more he will feel the pain of losing time! ——Dante

67. The deceased is like a husband, and will not give up day and night (Confucius)

68. Between the world of life, if the white horse crosses the gap, it will suddenly be over. (Zhuangzi)

 I love you quote to text him or her

When you fall in love with someone, you can't even spend a minute without that person. You often think of him or her; you will miss yourself and eager to remind yourself! You want to be together at least with the help of the Internet and news! If you have some real love quotes, this is not difficult to do.

 Everyone who has ever fallen in love will prove to you that you must add interest to things at all stages of the relationship. When your relationship is in the early stages, everything seems ideal and permanent. 

But after a period of time, you learned that something might be wrong. You and your partner become

Really, I love you quote to text him or her


Quote him sincerely

True love quotes for the waiting person

Quote for her with true love

Deep quotes about true love

Famous sayings about finding true love

Real quotes about love that never fades

Emotionally you are my true love quote

In-depth understanding of the famous true love quotes

When you fall in love with someone, you can't even spend a minute without that person. You often think of him or her; you will miss yourself and eager to remind yourself! You want to be together at least with the help of the Internet and news! If you have some real love quotes, this is not difficult to do.

Everyone who has ever fallen in love will prove to you that you must add interest to things at all stages of the relationship. When your relationship is in the early stages, everything seems ideal and permanent.

 But after a period of time, you learned that something might be wrong. You and your partner have become more aware of each other, and the novel content and pleasant waiting for the unusual are gradually disappearing!

 This does not mean that everything is over! Just diversify your relationship and surprise your partner with romantic love and some popular quotes about "true love"! It's up to you to decide what to choose: a moment of intimacy or emptiness!

What kind of girlfriend or boyfriend can resist this romantic and up-to-date way to attract people's attention? 

All kinds of fascinating True Love Quotes will impress even the most discerning or demanding partners! Make sure that through these quotes, you will have a truly romantic and interesting relationship!

Quote him sincerely

Some people need the world to love them, but I don't need it. I just need someone who can love me crazily. I know that this person is you.

I have a secret place, if you touch it, it will drive me crazy. Do you want to know where it is? Is my heart

To be sure, your smile attracts fans, and I am the biggest fan. But in fact, I am the reason you smile, which drives me crazy!

People need air to breathe and live. For me, your love is the only air I breathe. I live because of you.

Since I met you, I don't need anything. I don’t need anyone else, nor anything. All I need is our time together.

Sometimes, I dream of not knowing you at all, because you are the reason why I can't fall asleep at night. I have been thinking of you.

If you want to decide who I should be, then I won't let you do that. However, if you want to be who I am and will be a part of me, I will be happy to share my life with you.

If you allow me, I will only allow you to appear in my dreams every night.

True love quotes for the waiting person

Whenever you start to miss me, just look at the sky above us: you and I have the same moon and the same sunlight, and they provide light for both of us.

There can be four key verbs between me and you. They are: I need you... I want you... I miss you... I love you!

They say that true love is defined by the waiting time of two people in need. We must be patient and we will get what we desire. I have waited long enough, now I finally have you.

It is not easy to say three simple words "I love you", but it is even more difficult to wait and do your best to prove these two words.

True love will not come so soon. Therefore, you don't have to worry about waiting. When the time is right, true love will return to you.

When you miss someone badly, this is a great way to exercise your patience and open love.

If you can’t build relationships with people, don’t worry too much. Sometimes this means that they are not the right person for you, and your people are already waiting for you in the near future.

Quote for her with true love

Most people say that you can only fall in love once in a lifetime. For better or worse, I am not like this. Every time I see you, I will fall in love with you again and again.

If the love you have is real, you will see all the shortcomings of your partner, but you will still love and accept them. This is not to say that you have shortcomings, but it means that I will love you despite them!

I will not tell you all these romantic love stories. This does not mean that I do not love you. This means I want to make my own romantic love story with you and optimize it.

Despite anything that may happen, I know that I will never stop loving you with all my heart. I will always be with you.

If love is a real drug, then you are both my drug and my dealer! And I don’t plan to stay awake.

I will miss you every time you sleep in my arms. But then I realized that you would wake up in a dream, so I was anxious to fall asleep.

You know, I didn't fall in love at first sight... and, one minute is not love. That is a millisecond of love.

I believe in magic, because if it is not magic, what is true love.

Deep quotes about true love

True love will never be everywhere. Love is a difficult process and should be nourished so that it can last a lifetime.

True love is not only about the fun you have. Only when a couple share the ups and downs, common suffering and joy, can it freely appear and spread its wings.

True love has different faces. Sometimes, it may be this intense, impetuous and passionate passion. Other times, the feeling is deep, calm and soothing.

When you find a soul mate, you will realize that there is no need to seek perfection in your partner. You accept all imperfections, and you know that this is true love!

In this case, there is no possibility of becoming selfish and calling it true love. One must make sacrifices to have true love.

It makes sense why some people compare true love with UFOs, because almost all of us talk about these two aspects, but in fact only a few people have seen them.

If you play a game called "Life", you will get a prize called "True Love".

You cannot find true love in a place where it does not exist, and it is impossible to deny true love where you have been born.

Famous sayings about finding true love

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