cute short quotes about life

 cute short quotes about life 

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cute short quotes about life


1. Every person bathed in love is a poet.

2. When a woman falls in love with a man, she will never see his shortcomings.

3. A man is like a seashell, and a woman is like a grain of sand. Although there are edges and corners, with the tolerance of a man, it will turn into a pearl.

4. Women have only two tasks in the world: one is to torture men, and the other is to save men.

5. The greatest charm of a man is not how handsome he is, but humor. Sometimes humor is also a manifestation of wisdom.

6. Girls are used to conquering men with their eyes, and young women are used to conquering men with tears; a man who swears for a woman is ridiculous, and a man who makes a fortune for a woman is cute.

cute short quotes about life


7. Love is like a transparent crystal ball, expensive and beautiful, but easy to break. Marriage is like a bag of multicolored glass balls, in all colors, but it's a pity that no matter how much it is, it is worthless.

8. Many times, we say we let go, but we didn't really let go. We just pretended to be happy, and then we stroked the scars alone in a quiet corner.

9. Men like to buy books and pile up the shelves, and then women look at these books.

10. The arrival of love is like the arrival of an avalanche. If you want to survive, you must run away.

11. Affection is an important task I can't afford, love words are just a lie accidentally fulfilled!

12. Love makes people forget time, and time also makes people forget love!

13. Love should swear by each other, and only single-minded and loyal love is true love.

14. Feelings are complicated. When they are sensible, they are solid, and when they are irrational, they become liquid!

15. Marriage is the grave of love, but if you don't get married, love will die without a place to bury it.

16. A smart woman will marry a man who loves her as a wife, and a stupid woman will marry a man she loves as a wife.

17. A man and a woman who love each other are like fish and water. When they are together, they are the whole world. When they are apart, they are nothing.

18. You can do whatever you want to get love, but keeping love requires wisdom.

19. Life is a landscape, and love is a bouquet of flowers. Without flowers, the scenery would not be gorgeous.

20. Love is attractive and marriage is binding. Wanting to escape from both will only be a waste of effort.

21. Love is like a watch, it will stop if it is not wound; marriage is like a clock, in addition to having to wind it, you have to endure the bells that "be and be" every hour!

22. The only great thing about marriage is the only love, two hearts that are faithful to each other. ——Romain Rowland

23. The success of marriage depends on two people, and one person can make it fail. -Samuel

24. Keep your eyes open before getting married. Close one eye after marriage. --Fura

25. Love is not the sweet words in the shade of flowers, nor the sweet words in the peach blossom garden, nor the light tears, nor hard-hearted compulsion. Love is based on a common language. -Shakespeare

cute short quotes about life

26. Marriage is a book. The first chapter is a poem, and the rest are plain prose. -Knicks

27. For the continuation of love and the happiness of marriage, the wife must please the husband, and the husband must please the wife. As for how to please, it is a high-level art. ——Bo Yang

28. Sincere and pure love, there must be respect for the labor and occupation of the beloved. ——Deng Yingchao

29. Love is an indispensable, but it can only be an accelerator that pushes us forward, not a stumbling block to work and study. ——Zhang Zhixin

30. Knowing one's appearance can be without suspicion; without suspicion, one can know one another. ——Cao Yu

31. No rope can be stretched and pulled more than the double-stranded wire twisted by love. ——Ro Burton

32. Life without love is called suffering. ——Way Congreve

33. What is life without love? It's a long night without dawn! --Pence

34. To cultivate love, you must speak in harmony. -Ovid

35. In fact, pretend love is more perfect than real love, which is why many women are deceived. -Balzac

36. Parting is to love as the wind is to fire: it extinguishes sparks, but it can fan flames. -Ababayeva

37. Inexperienced first love is charming, but love that can stand the test is priceless. --Marlinsky

38. Love and marriage are two cars running on two paths. --Montaigne

39. Family relations are based on marriage, and marriage is rooted in the natural complementarity or interconnection between the sexes. ——Kant

40. Love is the process of marriage; marriage is the purpose of love. ——Schopenhauer

41. The person you are marrying is the person you feel is most suitable for you when you are most vulnerable. -Berwick

42. To marry a good woman, you found a safe haven in a storm; to marry a bad woman, you encountered a storm in Hong Kong. --Theon

43. Some people pray to marry a man they love, but my prayers are different; I pray to God piously, wishing I love the man I marry. -Stokes

44. Marriage is a lottery. Men use freedom as a bet, and women use their own happiness as a bet. --Di Lux

45. A happy marriage is the beginning of a new life and the starting point of happiness and happiness. --Resden

46. ​​Love is the egoism of two people. ——Lassalle

47. Love is the history of a woman's life, but only an episode in a man's life. -Stahl

48. What does it mean to love one? This means being happy for his happiness, doing everything that needs to be done to make him happier, and getting happiness from it. —— Chernyshevsky

49. The meaning of love is to help each other to improve, but also to improve yourself. —— Chernyshevsky

50. The oath of loyalty is an absurd promise, but it is the core of marriage. ——Carbon

51. Love is the combination of two souls. --Johnson

52. Love that can't make you work harder is worse than not loving. ——Napoleon

53. If not every husband thinks his wife is beautiful, at least every fiance thinks his fiancé is beautiful. --Hegel

54. Love is like a high fever, and its coming and going are not restricted by will. -Stendhal

55. Love can reduce the weakness of women and increase the courage of men. ——Liszt

56. A man who intends to beg his wife should have the following awareness: rights will be halved and obligations will be doubled. ——Yukawa Hideki

57. Love is not only colorful, but also pleasing to the eye. —— Shenstone

58. Loyal love is overflowing in my heart, and I can't estimate the wealth I enjoy. -Shakespeare

59. Are people born twice? Yes it is. The first time was on the day when people began to live; the second time was on the day when love sprouted. ——Hugo

60. Young people are lawless and play with love; middle-aged people eat marrow and know taste and pursue love; old people are lonely and boring, recalling love. ——Akita Yuque

61. Love needs a thin layer of sadness, a little bit of jealousy, doubts, and dramatic games. --Vasilev

62. Playing with love rashly is like playing with fire. There is a danger of self-immolation at any time. If you say that love is sweet wine, but if you drink it casually, it will turn into potent poison. ——Ding Ling

63. The joy of love resides in love, and enjoying love is more blissful than arousing love. -La Roche Foucault

64. If you love her, let your love surround her like sunshine and give her freedom. -Tagore

65. Love, it turns out that there is no name, what is waiting before meeting is its name. —— Xi Murong

66. Love, only affection, can make people dare to give their lives for the one they love; this can be done not only by men, but also by women. -Plato

67. Love that is not too passionate will last. -Shakespeare

68. What is life without love? It's a long night without dawn! --Pence

69. There are no rules and no conditions for love. ——Li Li

70. If a person does not have the ability to help the one he loves, it is best not to talk about love or not. Of course, help is not the same as love, but love cannot exclude help. ──Lu Xun

71. Love must be based on obligations to the husband, children and family. My understanding of life is: I can’t just be satisfied with eating and drinking, and my appetite will weaken month by month. I think that only love can make up for this weakening. --Chekhov

72. Love and charcoal are the same. When it burns, there is no way to cool it down. ──Shakespeare

73. Love is a sweet pain. Sincere love never takes a smooth path. -Shakespeare

74. Love is not to take, but to give. —— Van Dye

75. The bud of love is the end of wisdom. -Buhot

76. The water in the fountain cannot be blocked, and the fire of love cannot be extinguished. --Mongolia

77. Everything paid for love will not be wasted at any time. -Tasso

78. What is love? Love is the treasure of nature, the treasure house of joy, the greatest joy, and the blessing that never tires life. -Chatterton

79. The most beautiful and the most painful is love! The most noble and the lowest are marriage and family. -Strindberg

80. The eyes of a lady are the brilliant stars of love. --Tennyson

81. Love must know how to cherish, and cherish it twice as time goes by. Love is not idle under the bright moon, nor is it sighing on the bench. ——Shiqibachev

82. Love exists in the desire for dedication, and regards the lover's happiness as one's own happiness. --Swedenberg

83. It is impossible to love someone or something you are absolutely familiar with. Love is always led to places where secrets are hidden. -Valerie

84. Love is the nature of life, just like the sun radiating light; it is the most comfortable and natural use of the human soul; without it, people are ignorant and sad. People who have not enjoyed the joy they have ever enjoyed are tantamount to living a lifetime in vain and suffering in vain. -Trahern

85. The noble element in love is no less than the tender element, the force that makes people upward is no less than the force that makes people depressed, and sometimes it can also inspire other virtues. ──Voltaire

86. Eros can conquer everything, so let's surrender to Eros. -Virgil

87. What is more beautiful than love between the sexes? -Granville

88. Love, this is not one heart beating another heart, but the spark of two hearts colliding together. --Isakovsky

89. What is love? One body and two hearts; what is friendship? Two bodies and one heart. --Joseph Rou

90. Beauty can inspire people's feelings, and love can purify people's hearts. ——Joe Delecky

91. I admit that there is nothing more painful than the punishment of love, and there is nothing happier than serving it. -Shakespeare

92. Love will not become indifferent because of reason, nor will it be lost because of ambition. It is the second life; it penetrates into the soul, warms every blood vessel, and beats in every pulse. -Edison

93. Love has a wonderful magic power. It makes one person fall for another person. - Thurber and White

94. Love is the tyrant in the heart; it makes reason and judgment unclear; it does not listen to advice, and runs straight in the direction of madness. --Joe Ford

95. Love is nothing but a thing outside of the body for men, but the whole life for women. ——Joe Byron

96. Everyone has a spring, constantly spewing out life, vitality and love. If you don't dig trenches for it, it will turn the surrounding land into a swamp. --Mark Rutherford

97. Love is a passionate infatuation, a fire that cannot be extinguished, an unsatisfied desire, a joy that is as sweet as sugar, a burst of intoxicating madness, a labor without peace and no labor. The tranquility. ──Richard de Fourniville

98. Love needs reasonable content, just as a raging fire requires oil to maintain it; love is a harmonious blend of two similar natures in infinite feelings. -Belinsky

99. The sweetest thing is love, and the most bitter thing is love. --Philip Bailey

100. Love is free, and free love is the most real. --Tennyson



What are some cute short quotes?

Cute Short Quotes are a great  way to say something sweet to your lover about how much you love him/her. Here are some cute short quotes to say to the one you love: "Falling in love is like jumping off a really tall building. Your brain tells you it is not a good idea, but your heart tells you, you can fly." "Everyone falls in love...  You either fall in love with someone or you 

fall in love with the idea of being in love. There is no point in being in love with a person if they don't love you back." "Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over." "If you love someone, then tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken."

 "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone." "The best things in life are unseen, that's why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, or dream."

What are some cute girly quotes?

Every girl needs a prince, but every princess needs a dragon too. -Don't run for love, because if it doesn't find you, it will pass you by. -A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her. -The most dangerous thing you can do is be yourself. -True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love doesn't end.

What is Happy Life quote?

Well, according to Freud, what we fear will eventually happen. The course of events cannot be altered but we can choose how we will face them. That is what he meant by "nothing has happened before and nothing will ever happen again." This is a very positive view to take in life. In fact, the quote is derived from a sentence in Freud's essay "

On the Universal Tendency to Debasement in the Sphere of Love" which states: "Anxiety is generated by a compulsion to repeat, which is not necessarily the result of an experience of external reality."

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