dirty jokes

dirty jokes and quotes

One day my mother killed a mouse at home. He did not want to inform his neighbors, so he told Xiaoyao not to tell anyone because the mouse is dirty

Little Yaoer told his classmates, "My family is a secret, it's so dirty I can't tell you."

dirty jokes

Is a dirty joke a good line?

A new study examines whether a playful sense of humor is attractive to women.

His jokes may be dirtier than a compost bag, but they are definitely fun.

A sense of humor is one of the key qualities of many female partners. Of course, almost everyone has a sense of humor: in fact, what separates us is the humor and appreciation we make.

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Some people like to watch comedy, some like farce comedy, surreal comedy can make the audience move down the aisle. But a really important aspect of comedy is how clean or dirty it is. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. However, this humor is not for everyone, even those who may like the famous obscene comedians Lenny Bruce or Frankie Boyle, do not want to hear the same trick with a candlelit meal in their first round of dating.


Mary Medlin of the University of Southern Mississippi and her colleagues recently published a study on Personality and Individual Differences to find out if women prefer men who spoil dirty or pure jokes. They search the internet for examples of pure and dirty humor (isn't science perfect?) And 100 men and women rate 50 funny and stupid jokes. Using these ratings, they picked four dirty and four pure jokes that are just as fun.

The psychologist then asked 100 women about the dating situation of some men. Of course, the profiles are fake: each one contains a clean or dirty joke and photos of random children. These women value the attractiveness of any man, both as a long-term partner - someone who can imagine getting married - and as a short-term partner or person who can be attractive to the person.

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Pure humorists attract long-term and short-term relationships, but when women are considered long-term relationships, the difference between a dirty and a clean humorist is more obvious. In other words, women are more willing to tolerate men's dirty jokes when they see their attractiveness as short-term contact.

In a follow-up study of 150 young volunteers, Medellin was able to replicate this finding. Most importantly, it also allowed women to meet the index of social sexual orientation. Regular readers of this blog know that SOI is a study that measures a person's desire for irrelevant sex, his attitude towards it (whether right or wrong), and his actual short-term sexual behavior.

Medellin found that women who are positive about casual sex tend to find dirtier jokes more interesting.

Men (and women) can confuse dirty humor for many reasons, but one reason a man can say in a dirty ambitious dating environment is because he "sexualizes" this interaction. ": A woman who takes it very well can smile to show that she is still interested. Dirty humor sharing appreciation can also be a way for two potential partners to express interest in throwing.

However, men should remember that women tend to prefer men's pure humor, whether it is simple relationships or long-term things. The best strategy is to leave a plug for professionals.

Bad joke

Now, at this point, you definitely want to know why I did not mention the jokes used in Medlin's study. Okay, here it is. But note: it's awesome. For the last ten years I have read many academic articles on the psychology of humor and these jokes are always awesome. Just don

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