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Parting words 2022


1. After a parting, the people of the two places were thin, had no appetite for three meals, had little spring and autumn in the four seasons, lost their five bodies to the ground, couldn't persuade the six relatives, had no destination for seven emotions, and eighth was lonely.

2. A trace of sincerity is better than a thousand taels of gold, a trace of warmth can withstand thousands of miles of frost, a greeting, a warm and sweet message, and a short message that takes away all my heart.

3. The continuation of friendship comes from the heart, no matter how much contact there is, as long as there is a sky in each other's heart, then occasionally a greeting will bring a knowing smile.

4. The moon is hazy and the birds are hazy. I will quietly send you a long journey. From then on, there is a tearful star on the horizon, always watching your distant back.

5. I have your concern and greetings at work, and your blessings and smiles on the way of walking together. I am grateful: You are walking with you in the red dust.

6. This time I really left you. I need more courage than I fell in love with you. This time I really left you and dare not tell you that I still love you!


7. Your greeting comes to a clear spring in the mountains. Your smile makes me fascinated in this life. Friends from afar let me greet you. It's okay.

8. A friend is like a piece of puzzle, combined to form a beautiful picture. If a piece is missing, it will never be complete. You-the important piece I don't want to lose. 25. Friends are the fulfillment around them; it is the number that I can't help but want to dial all the time; it is the cup of tea that sits in the middle of the night and parting with sad words.

9. I will leave you softly. You have to take care of yourself in the days without me. I will cherish myself even more in the days without you.

10. Let me accompany you to drift in the sea, just to be the oar in your hand, no matter how strong the wind and waves are, how heavy the wind and rain are, there will always be me by your side.

11. The most precious thing in the world is friendship; the most romantic is love; the most touching is love; what I want most is true love; what I want to see most is that you have a good mood! I wish you happiness

12. If we are destined to pass by in this life, then I deeply wish you happiness forever. Then put away all the little bit of affection, looking forward to meeting you in the next life.

13. Reluctant to leave you about to leave, "Goodbye" I wish you all the best, good health, and happiness forever!

14. Missing is a light poem. I miss you not because of loneliness, but because I miss you. A sincere heart is better than the light of diamonds. The friendship between you and me will last forever.

15. It hangs on the curtain of my heart, shining brightly every night. Goodbye tomorrow morning, I hope the clouds and the sun will always accompany you to the distant horizon; the flowers and green grass will follow you to spread the distant future.


16. The drizzle in the sky is the teardrop that I miss you. The clock's non-stop pace is my non-stop blessing to you! Long-lost friend, I am gone. Life is long, we meet and we separate. Gathering is always short, but separation is long. I only hope that each other's hearts can be closely followed.

17. I don't know how desolate it is to say goodbye, and I don't know how strong it is to say goodbye. Only separation, let time forget this tacit understanding.

18. No matter what, don't give up hope, just believe that the expectation will come true, no matter what setbacks you encounter, as long as you persevere, you will get what you want.

19. Floating dust in the sea, all living beings are destined to know each other, are fortunate to know each other, sincere to friends, calm to life, hope we can become confidant friends.

20. I hope you know that there is someone caring for you all the time, and someone thinking of you all the time.

21. When you set foot on the platform and left alone, you know that I am so worried. Even though there are thousands of words in my heart, I can only deeply condense to you; I am so sad, but I refuse to say it.

22. Thank you very much for your feelings for me. It is the first time to spend this Valentine's Day in a different place, but you can always make me feel that you are by my side and care about me!

23. Divorce sorrow is because of the joy of being together. If there is a double joy at the reunion, then I would rather bear greater sorrow.

24. Goodbye tomorrow morning, I hope the clouds and the sun will always accompany you to the far end; flowers and green grass follow you to spread the far future.

25. Tomorrow you are going on a long voyage, please put this small step gift on your chest, it will turn into your belief and strength, and encourage you to overcome the violent winds and waves.

26. Break up silently, just as we met silently. May the warm breeze here send you my affectionate blessings and prayers.

27. You leave the image of the flower, you leave the fragrance of the flower, and you leave the hope we watered together. Thinking of you, my years will always be bright and beautiful.

28. Your figure is a sail, and my gaze is a river. How many times I want to keep you, but I can't. I know that the most rare thing in the world is friendship, and the more precious thing is freedom.


29. Although your parting smile is only a short moment, it is captured on the film of my heart, but it leaves eternity behind. I hold it in the palm of thinking from time to time, the image is so real and clear!

30. You are gone, send you a bunch of flowers, that flower is my smile, and that green leaf is my evergreen longing.

31. Farewell, a bit hard to give up, but not sad; a bit regretful, but not pessimistic. Because the hope of meeting is comforting.

32. Don't say cherish, don't say goodbye, just like that, leave silently. Hopefully, in the golden autumn, the tree of friendship will hang abundant fruits.

33. Fly, big goose! Revive your vigorous wings. It will not always be torrential rains and bad waves waiting ahead. There is still a sincere friendship in this world, Chi You, complementing the peaceful lake.

34. Waving goodbye, sailing away, what can't be done is the friendship cable you threw, firmly tied to my heart invisibly.

35. The flaming Caixia is after the rain, the sincere friendship is after the farewell, the flowing water is not blocked by stones, and the friendship is not estranged by distance.

36. About to be separated, there are too many things to say, thousands of words are turned into one sentence, don't forget me.

37. Smiling and shaking hands with you today, I hope to welcome you with a smile. Parting sentimental sentence

38. The wisps of white clouds on the blue sky are the slight sorrows of parting in my heart; but my mind is as clear as the sky, because I think of not reunion.

39. Parting can weaken shallow feelings, but deepen deep feelings, just as the wind can blow out the candlelight, but it will fan the fire more vigorously.

40. I still don't understand what loneliness is. I haven't felt the joy of being in love yet. Today, when I parted with you, I felt lonely for the first time, and felt a lot of loss for the first time.

41. Our dreams are not stained with dust. Even if we accidentally fall to the ground, we have to pat the dust off to restore the original state of a dream. It is the loneliest miss that I miss.

42. My dearest friend, I will double your happiness for you, and I will share your hardships. I wish you happiness!

43. Meet and leave again, and meet again when parting; the autumn wind blows the wilderness, and the period only lasts for a while. I will cherish the friendship between you and me, and look forward to the moment of meeting.

44. I want to say a lot. But at such a moment and occasion, all I can leave for you is my silent prayer: cherish it, my friend!

45. Like shining stars, it is your sad sentence with smiling and expressing eyes.

46. ​​I also thought that without knowing you, I would not have the pain I have today, but I have never regretted it. If you still love me as you said, then forget me and live it well.

47. You are gone. In that long moment, my heart is like an autumn tree, the leaves are helplessly floating on the ground, only hanging loneliness on the branches.

48. Goodbye, friend! Friends, cherish! The water is rushing, the years are rushing, only the love will last forever.

49. Fluttering snowflakes, leisurely thoughts, looking through the autumn water, looking at the end of the world.

50. With your sincere love and versatility, even if you are far away from your homeland and wandering around the world, why don't you worry about finding the right soulmate? No matter where fate takes us, the bond of friendship will always connect us closely.

51. Let the warmth of spring accompany you, let the greenery of the grass accompany you, let the brilliant sunshine accompany you, accompany you on your journey, and achieve success as soon as possible.

52. Life is long, we meet and we separate. Gathering is always short, but separation is long. I only hope that each other's hearts can be closely followed and never separated.

53. Knowing you is happiness, leaving you is painful, supporting me in the days of parting is a deep expectation for the joy of reunion. Sentences about parting

54. If I can, I would like to put everything in my heart into today's separation. But I can’t! So, let us break up with silence! This is the silence of a volcano, it is better than any goodbye!

55. Mountain and mountain cannot meet, I will always meet you again.

56. I don't think too much about whether I can succeed, since I have chosen that oasis, I will no longer look forward and backward!

57. We had to separate and say goodbye softly, with gratitude in our hearts, thank you for giving me a deep friendship.

58. We hurriedly bid farewell to each other, without words or tears, only eternal thoughts and blessings, which resonated deeply in each other's hearts.

59. We held goodbye tightly with our hands, let the feeling gently touched in our hands, and shared an unforgettable warmth.

60. I bid farewell to you with my heart, and hope that life will bring you countless greens of hope and lead you to an ideal world.

61. I cherish every acquaintance in my life, every warmth between heaven and earth, every intimate tacit understanding between friends; even if it is parting, I regard it as a double joy for reunion.

62. I wish to bid farewell to Yiyi, and wish blessings to be with you at all times. The separation only melts the friendship stronger, and the reunion will be in that brighter tomorrow!

63. Meeting and bidding farewell, returning sail and leaving the shore, is the end of the joy of the past and the beginning of happiness in the future.


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