how tall was bruce lee and secretes

 how tall was Bruce lee? and secretes  


  • Weight and height of Bruce Lee
  • Punch power "one inch punch"
  • Bruce Lee death and birth 
  • Ip man and Bruce Lee
  • the highest vertical jump of Bruce Lee

how tall was bruce lee and secretes

Weight 63kgs, height 5.7ft, power of the punch equal to the punch of heavy weight boxing champ, Muhammad Ali. the highest vertical jump of Bruce Lee is 60" (1.58m)


He was capable of breaking the wooden board just from the distance of an inch. 

He was the magician in the field of martial arts like Michel Jackson in break-dancing and singing. He played the main role only in four movies. 

But he set such a trend in the world film industry that every hero wanted to copy  him in action movies. The most eminent heroes of the present days, performed 'extras' in his movies. 

He lived only for 32 years but he realized all his dreams in the prime of his life. 

After all what was about this man of moderate height... that he left such impression in the world that hardly anyone is unfamiliar with his name, Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee earned a big name through tremendous hard work that could be explained...from the fact that while practicing martial arts he did not use the routine punching bags...but the special ones that were weightier than used by the heavy weight boxers.

 It may be the reason that he had half of the weight of the world champion Muhammad Ali...but his punch was equal in force to that of Muhammad Ali. Secondly Lee practiced push-ups putting the body weight on a thumb and a finger.

 He was master of the martial arts and street fighter of his land, Honk Kong. 

He gave a forecast in writing about his becoming the most expensive super star of the Hollywood movies.

 He had inherited the ambition of becoming the super star. 

The children adopt the habits and interests of their parents instead of acting on their advice. 

The father of Bruce Lee was an actor. He had come to the US city San Francisco, to materialize the dream of becoming an actor.

 However despite untiring efforts, he could not go beyond the level of an average stage actor. 

3 months before the birth of Bruce Lee in 1940, he left China Town of San Fancisco and returned to Hong Kong. 

But Bruce Lee's father failed to make his name even in Hong Kong. Yet the ambition of the father soon got imprinted on the mind and heart of Bruce Lee.

 He often accompanied his father to the set. This resulted in Bruce Lee's entry as an actor into the movies only at 6 years of age. 

Then this series continued. Lee had performed very well in 20 Chinese movies by the time he reached 18. He did not merely act but he also had a deep interest in dancing. 

He took part in Hong Kong's popular dance competition, 'Cha-cha champion' and stood at the top. Lee's father wanted his son to achieve a big success instead of the petty ones. 

The reason being, then Hong Kong was not as modern and advance as it is today. It was not long to the end of the World War II, and the city was badly devastated. 

The rampant poverty and unemployment had made crimes and violence a routine business. 

The gangsters and the goons were commonly seen fighting in the streets. 

May be this provided basis for the popularity of martial arts which the youth learned as a need and a hobby. Learning martial arts became a pride. 

Being member of the same society, Bruce Lee too had scuffles everyday. Therefore his father decided to train Bruce Lee in martial arts.

 He sent Bruce Lee to master IP Man who was an expert in martial arts technique, Wong Chun.

 Lee had learned basic techniques of martial arts, moves and its niceties from master IP Man. Besides AP Man, Wong Shun Laung was also teacher of Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee's skill in the martial arts and increase in the number of scuffles were going side by side. Many times his disputes reached to the police level.

 Once the police warned Bruce Lee's father of arresting his son if he would have any further fights.

 This time the parents of Bruce Lee were really worried. They believed they were training Lee in martial arts for defence and as a game and not for fighting others.

 They decided to send Bruce Lee away from the environment of tussles and scuffles. 

So they sent Bruce Lee to Seattle, the USA, to a relation who ran a small restaurant.

 Bruce Lee received education in the day time and served in the restaurant in the evening.


He was getting higher education in philosophy and arts. But his class fellows were impressed by his abilities in martial arts more than his academic performance.

 Chinese Kung fu was generally popular in the world at that time. So many Americans asked Bruce Lee for teaching them Kung fu.

 By this time Bruce Lee had become mature enough to convert this offer into a business. 

So he began to impart training in Kung fu in the educational institutions.

 In an educational institution, Bruce Lee met a girl. She was Linda Emery. 

Bruce Lee and Linda Emery were so much attractive to each other that they decided to marry. 

But the cruel society stood in the way. That was  the difference between Lee and Linda for their respective Chinese and American nationality. The parents of both nations repelled inter marriages. 

But love is blind to the traditions and society so Lee and Linda executed court marriage. 

It was a secret and quietly held marriage aimed not to let anyone get its clue. 

But after some days, everyone had learnt about this marriage. It thus happened that any couple seeking marriage certificate from the court... got their names published in the Press a day before. 

Lee and Linda were unaware of this matter . So their marriage came to limelight when they secured the marriage certificate. 

Their secret marriage had been published as an advertisement in media. 

And the whole world had come to know about it. The family of Linda also learned this news like others did. 

Her family was highly angry but it had no other help except accepting the marriage. So it did. But the Lee's family members were even more annoyed. 

His family accepted this marriage after few months, but the anger of his countrymen remained high. 

His countrymen were not displeased over his marriage but his 'Kung fu' training. 

Bruce Lee had also begun to train the Americans in Auckland City of California state. 

Auckland was house to many Chinese who disliked any other nation other than Chinese learning their art.

 Because techniques of this art were very secret which the Chinese had been preserving over the centuries. 

They tried to stop Bruce Lee from teaching this art, but he did not agree.

 In response to this stance, a challenge was thrown on Lee as per Chinese conventions. 

The critics challenged Lee to fight their leading Kung fu master, Wong Jackman. 

They would allow Bruce Lee to teach Kung fu in case of success and abandon training and the trainers if failed. 

It was a sport for Bruce Lee so he agreed to it instantly. The fight started.

 Bruce Lee knocked down his rival only in three minutes of the fight. He had won but was not pleased over it.

 Rather he was somewhat dismayed, and worried for he cherished high standards. 

He was annoyed with himself as he wanted to win this contest within seconds. In his view 180 seconds to win this fight reflected his weakness. 

He reduced his thoughts into practice. He learned a lesson from this victory which others generally did not get even from the defeat.

 He took to work even harder to achieve perfection. 

It goes that he made 2000 boxes,1000 kicks, 8kms running and 24 kms cycling his daily routine. 

His wife Linda termed him crazy for all that. In his daily life he was always seen doing physical exercises and hard work. 

So much so that sometimes he would handle his things to the wife to himself practice a new angle of fight.

 But this all was not as much surprising as was his one inch punch.


What was this one inch punch?


A 'Long Beach Karate Tournament' was held in America. First time in 1964, Bruce Lee showed his art in that tournament. 

Here he stunned the audiences with his two unbelievable skills of the art. One was his push-ups with two fingers.

 And the other was 'one inch punch.' Bruce Lee's punch from the distance of an inch threw much away a well-built able bodied person.

 Similarly he would break solid wood board hitting it just from the distance of an inch. 

Bruce Lee had pioneered this amazing 'one-inch punch.' Obviously it was not possible to muster such incredible force from the distance of an inch.


The experts in physics and anatomy are todate spelling out how Bruce Lee screwed up this power in his box.

 Starting from the toe, he gathered the entire power of his body at one point. Then he transferred the whole force to his hand. 

One-inch punch is regarded as the most amazing move of the martial arts. Bruce Lee was just 24 at that time but a world was eager to learn the one-inch punch moves from him.

 Bruce Lee was such an uncrowned great king of martial arts that the champions were either his students... or they they learned this art observing him training. 

Three experts were eminent among them. They were Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris and Mike Stone.

 The discipline of art Bruce Lee had mastered was called, Wing Chun. It goes that Bruce Lee had devised a new technique called 'jeet kune do' from experiences and books. 

It was a combination of wrestling, fencing, boxing and many other arts of fighting. 

  He also permitted his three students to teach this art. So Bruce Lee was nearing his destination by learning and teaching this arts to his friends. He received a phone call from the Hollywood's legendary, '20th Century Fox' in 1965. It was call for his audition. 

Actually when Long Beach Karate Tournament was going on...a hair dresser of the 20th Century Fox was also present among the spectators. 

This man was so much impressed by the skill of Bruce Lee that he recounted it in the Fox Studios.

 Touched by the amazing details of Lee's expertise, a producer Dozier, called him for audition.

 Unluckily the audition gave no result as the series for which he was called, was quite away in time. 

However his visit introduced him with some leading producers and a few Hollywood studios. Its first benefit came to him the next year.

 He got the role of a side hero in an upcoming TV series, "the Green Hornet." Bruce Lee performed his role as 'Kato'. 

In the course of that series Bruce Lee's career came under threat from two problems. 

Both the problems were interesting and amazing. 

    One was about the failure of the cameras to catch Bruce Lee in action. 

The cameras were meant to shoot human beings but Bruce Lee was swift-footed like a ghost. 

The cameras were unable to pick up his quick actions. Therefore his actions appeared blurred in recording.

        It was a painful problem for the directors. So Bruce Lee was asked to slow down the pace of his actions to sort out this problem. 

      For example his punches and kicks would not be at full speed. 

Therefore we can guess the actual pace of his punches and kicks was more than what was shown in movies. The other problem was even graver. 

It was the fight between Bruce Lee and another character Robin that Lee had to lose as per the script. Bruce Lee did not want defeat at any cost even if it was in a movie.

    Lee declined to perform in that scene. Contrary to that, Bruce Lee threw the challenge of real fight on Robin. 

The producers tried to persuade Bruce Lee to go by the script. But Bruce Lee at the early stage of his career in Hollywood, did not agree to it. 

At last the script was changed to end the fight at draw and without result. 

  According to other actors in the series, Robin was factually afraid of Bruce Lee at that time. He was not inclined to fight with Lee. 

However the most interesting fact of the matter was... failure of this series. It proved flop. 

The Americans did not like this series so it was wound up after the first season. 

Bruce Lee once again became jobless after he had a glimpse of his dreams coming true.

 Unemployed Bruce Lee had the experience of a series that had flopped yet it familiarized him with acting skill. 

This series had proved Lee as a good actor of the action movies. On the same ground he continued efforts to perform as hero in the upcoming movies. 

      But the problem of giving a central role to an Asian in the Hollywood movies stood in the way at that time.

 It had a simple reason that was 'rating.' So much so that Hollywood gave role of Genghis Khan in a film to an American instead of a Chinese or a Mongol. 

In this situation, Bruce Lee almost had nil chance to act. Running after acting in movies, Bruce Lee had also given up teaching of martial arts or Kung fu. 

  Now this uncrowned great King of martial arts was without job and money. His needs had also been multiplied. 

    He had two kids, son Brandon and the daughter Shen Lee, from the wedlock with Linda.


So a friend suggested him to train the Hollywood stars to overcome the financial difficulties.


By then Bruce Lee had made his name in martial arts. So he began to impart training to the Hollywood stars.

      Among these stars James Coburn and Steve Mcqueen were also included. Besides them, the sports stars also began to get training from him. 

     Among them 7 feet tall Basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabbar was eminent. 

      Another four years had gone and now he was 29 when he got the biggest shock of his life. 

He had slipped disc during weight lifting when he was exercising in the morning without warming himself up. 

The problem rendered him unable to any physical exercise. The doctors declared him unfit to perform martial arts forever. 

But Bruce Lee least cared what the doctors had said. 

He took rest for some days and resumed exercise as usual observing no cautions. 

This laborious exercises were not easy with back problem. Therefore Bruce Lee spent some months in difficulties. 

   However satisfying his passion, he practiced physical exercises to the maximum. 

      It goes that Bruce Lee factually wanted to know the extreme potential of the human body. 

Then amazingly he recovered completely after a few weeks. As per experts in martial arts, Bruce Lee performed even better after recovery than he did before. 

His performance had much improved yet he failed to get a proper chance in Hollywood. 

He was still an instructor when he took a decision that made him 'super-hit.' Bruce Lee became the star from the same foundation that was his major weakness. 

One day he made a passing remark to a friend, "Bruce Lee may be no more."

Why he said so?

His death was a mysterious and controversial story, still shrouded in many questions.



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