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short and sweet friendship quotes


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short and sweet friendship quotes

Short sentences for good friends, short sentences for friendship

Short sentences for good friends, short sentences for friendship

Words to friends, warm heart, words to good friends, short

1. There are traces of your time , the vicissitudes of life, life isn't old, simply because there's love and hope in life, love and friends, crying and laughing, worrying and missing, albeit there are more unsatisfactory, our life remains glorious.

2. The first time I met, you were the longing that I could not erase; fate made fun of, you and I passed by. Even if there is no chance, I will still be your loyal friend.

3. Baby, are you happy recently, whether you work hard, whether your friends are intimate, take good care of yourself, and get along with your friends around you.

4. A true friend will accept your past, support your present, and inspire your future.

5. As long as you need me, I will always be where you can see.

6, the noisy, the one who doesn't scold away is called a girlfriend.

7. As long as there are girlfriends together, it's called hi to be overwhelming! I want our friendship to last until the end of the world.

8. I have a best friend who puts her heart to her heart, says nothing, and occasionally feels grievances. Although it is not so good at the beginning, but in the days we have experienced together, we have a firm heart for each other.

9. Thank you for enlightening me when I am helpless, comforting me when crying, and asking for warmth when I am sick. It is even when I am desperate to cry and accompany me crazy, thank you so much.

10. The sign of maturity is not to be able to tell the truth, but to start to understand the small things around you.

11. Your best friend is the person who accompanies you to wait for dawn in the darkest time.

12. I have always had a wish to rent a room with my girlfriends, go to different shifts during the day, and simply go after get off work! Fight together when you are happy, and cry when you are sad! Such a small happiness is what I have always longed for...

13. I have a very good girlfriend, we are not a couple, we are not les, but I love her.

14, your girlfriend, remember: if he breaks your wings, I will destroy his heaven with my own hands, no one dares to hurt you if I am.

15. A girlfriend is someone who is willing to stand up for you at all costs when you are bullied by others.

16. Good friends are like stars. You may not always see them. But you know, they will always be there.

17. When you are during a bad mood, always ask yourself what you've got rather than nothing. Open the window and appearance up at the sky. Laughing, tomorrow is another beautiful day.

18. Girlfriends: It's the kind of weird thing that is noisy today, laughs tomorrow, is near annoying, thinks far away, misses when not seen, hates when you see, and can bully yourself but others can't bully.

19. I have always envied my girlfriend who has the best girlfriend in the world. Don't think that if you don't see each other often, your feelings will be weakened. Tell you, based on our friendship at the beginning, I dare to be crazy in your life forever.

20. In fact, it is enough to have two girlfriends. One is willing to lend you money. When she asks you for money, the other dares to help you beat her. This is enough...

21. Is there such a moment that you have thought about getting married on the same day as your girlfriend.

22. A friend is someone who sees you through and can still like you. Good girlfriends are those who seized one of your shortcomings and talked about them in the first half of the day.

23. The essence of life is not the number of breaths, but the moments that make you unable to breathe.

24. When I confide my troubles to you, it is not a complaint, it is my trust in you.

25.I like the sensation of being uninterested in being with you. it isn't that there'll always be endless topics to speak about together. This comfort, even lovers can't give.

26. You are humiliated, I will seek justice for you. You are not happy, I am making you laugh. You are happy, I will be with you two. Who bullies you, who I criticize. Your heart is not happy anymore, I will act as a shrew for you.

27. One look can understand all of me,

28. Quietly enjoy the afternoon sun, very comfortable, with you around, very fulfilling and more perfect,

29. I met someone and my life changed. It turned out to be a plot not only in love.

30. Regardless of love or friendship, the ultimate goal is not home, but understanding, tacit understanding, to find someone who can talk while walking, no matter when and what kind of mood,

31. Without friendship, the tree of life will wither within the waves of your time , and therefore the soil of the soul are going to be barren within the variation of the seasons. the shortage of true friends is that the purest and most pathetic loneliness. Without friendship, the planet is nothing but A wilderness,

32. Boys must not understand. , Girl friends even go to the toilet together,

33. Between us, we are not familiar from the beginning, become so close friends, and we will smile in retrospect,

34. Your shoulders are not thick, but they can always bring me warmth and strength.

35. When you are happy, you have to think that this happiness is not eternal. When you are in pain, you must think that the pain is not eternal.

36. Do you think of me when you are alone? I don't want you to think of me only when you are alone, I want you to think of me only when you are accompanied. Because, what I want to know is that you have someone to accompany you, no longer alone!

37, the spring breeze willow willow light and fluttering, Baixu flying flowers and breeze proud. The moon hangs leisurely with willow shoots, and the willow eyebrows are faint and beautiful. The poplars across the sky welcome the clouds and smile, and the golden silk willows take the golden silk bridge. The weeping willow plays with the graceful waist, the spring rain moistens the willow and the wind ballad. May the good be with you forever!

38. Baiyun never promises to stay to the sky, but stays with him day and night; the scenery never tells the eyes of eternity, but it is always beautiful; the stars never give light to the night, but strive to twinkle; friends never confide in each other's thoughts, but Worry forever.

39. Thank you for accompany me through those winds and rains, thank you for your encouragement when you are the most helpless, thank you for at least you when you are lonely, dear friend, I really want to say thank you so much for walking with me through life. Many miles!

40. With a heart of blessings, on this special day, may happiness, wishfulness, joy, flowers, and all the best wishes be with you!

41. When I met you, I made a contract with my heart, to be your forever friend, forgive me for not contacting you often, but your name is not only in my phone, but in my mind, not long, just a lifetime!

42. The road can’t be without sides, the bottle can’t be without the lid, the fire can’t be without the flame, the mountain can’t be sharp, the key can’t be chained, life can’t be without fun, and I can’t have fun without you by texting child!

43. There is a beautiful season in everyone's mind, which is unforgettable for us. In the four seasons of life, which season you walk the most brilliantly, which season you walk the most brilliant, I believe that every step has what you cherish. local!

44. Friend, I am an informed, confidant, and friendly person. I miss it very much if I don't see it for one day, I miss it very much if I haven't seen it for two days, and I miss it very much if I haven't seen it for a few days. I wish you good luck and good luck in the new year!

45. Greetings from friends are like spring, no matter how cold the weather is, warmth is permeated; the thoughts of friends are picturesque, and no matter how monotonous the days are, there are brilliant colors; text messages from friends are like songs, which can always help you adjust your life when you are busy!

46. ​​Be careful at get off work, rest a lot after work, warm home, love so sweet, contact with friends, give up a lot of troubles, forget about pain, give you a lot of blessings, and have a lot of fun in life!

47. Life is oil, salt, sauce and vinegar plus a little sugar. Happiness is busy all day long, friends are always caring for you, and blessing is that one heart illuminates the other. I wish you happiness and health.

48. Time tells us that we have opportunities every day, and life tells us that we need to understand feelings. Friends, it doesn't matter whether you see each other or not, but your heart is precious. Friendly reminder: It's cold, take care of your body and wear more clothes!

49. Choosing the right career can make a life long; choosing the right environment can make a life happy; choosing the right partner can make a happy life; choosing the right lifestyle can make a life healthy; choosing the right friend can make a life wise.

50. The night sky is beautiful because of the stars, and the early morning is colorful because of the sun. Life is beautiful because of friends, and friends are happy because of their intimacy. May those who love you love you more and those you love understand you better! May the best things in the world belong to you!

51. May you hold peace, hold health, hold happiness, hold happiness, hold warmth, hold sweetness, hold wealth, hold auspiciousness, and spend every day happily!

52. The mountain spring, like a piano string, is playing the folk songs of my hometown day and night, taking my greetings, flying out of the valley, into the river and sea, looking for you.

53. If a drop of water represents a blessing, I will send you a piece of East China Sea; if a star represents a piece of happiness, I will send you a Milky Way; if a tree represents a miss, I will send you a piece of forest.

54. If you can, please don't be bored with my blessings; if possible, please always think of me who cares about you; if you like, please let me share your joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys!

55. Happiness is to have a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, and a bunch of trusted friends. Thanksgiving is here, I wish you a lot of contentment!

56. Congratulations on the arrival of the fortune, the God of Wealth laughed at you, and picked up the bar by himself. The treasures in his hand are all treasures. When the money is received, the hands are sour, and the card friends are so angry.

57. How long can the signboard hang on the stormy streets, and the old songs you have loved, can you remember a few, don’t forget to have a friend like me! Bless you forever!

58. You don’t have to have many friends, just know your heart; you don’t have to worry a lot, just be emotional; you don’t want to say too much, just let you know: it’s nice to know you!

59. Can't figure out the thousands of thoughts, can't see through the slight waves of the heart lake, can't see through the tethers at hand, countless moon nights to change, can't let go of the deep love and superficiality, can't let go of the endless bonds.

60. In the days without you, I will cherish more; in the days without money, you must take care of yourself; in the days without love, please be with me!

61. In the vast sea of ​​people, you are the only concern I can't give up, and the helplessness I can't let go of. No matter you go to the end of the world, I will bless you!

62. Very happy to see you. There are thousands of stars in the starry sky. One of them is my heart. I look at the stars when I miss me, count the stars when I am insomnia, and wait for the meteors when I wish. Good friends will be happy every day.

63. Home is a shelter from the wind, and friends are the windy coast. Home is sheltered from the bitter rain and wind and frost, and a friend sent a hearty fragrance in the sun. Homelessness is so cool, but friends are so bright.

64. The flower is the most beautiful peony, and people are the closest friends. Making friends does not pay gold and silver, but only makes friends with a heart. The water flows thousands of miles to the sea, people travel thousands of miles, friendship is there, the roots of the trees are connected, and the hearts of friends are connected.

65. Missing is the fragrance of a season of flowers, overflowing the valley, covering you and me, and blessings are boundless attention, overflowing the eyes, to the bottom of my heart, I wish to accompany you happily throughout your life.

66. When the cell phone is joking, it is always open; when the cell phone rings, it is golden; text messages are good for life; text messages read good things around you every day.

67. God said that the so-called happiness is to have a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a lover who loves you deeply, and a group of trusted friends. When you receive this message, everything will be owned. !

68. The green pine on the mountain and the flowers under the mountain, Huaxiaoqing pine is not as good as her, one day when the frost falls, I only see the green pine but no flowers. May friends learn from Qingsongzhi, and wish you a brighter future.

69. The ringtone is my greeting, the singing is my blessing, the snowflake is my greeting card, the wine is my kiss, the breeze is my hug, and happiness is my gift.

70. During the day, I would like the sunshine to warm you from early morning to night. At night, I would like to be a star, and wish you well from evening to early morning. Let every day turn into sincere care for you!

71. Use your perseverance and courage to leave brilliant marks in this world, and use my kindness and love to give you trust and dependence, friends, please remember that you still have my eternal support and blessings.

72. I want to tell you that if you become my friend, it will always be my concern. If you don’t have my information that day, it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you anymore. In fact, friends are like this. I never need to think about it, because I never forget it. .

73. A period of time that has never been experienced together, a sincere and unrepentant relationship, a group of friends worth cherishing. Moved from the heart.

74. One day is unknown. We should not let our lives have regrets. What do you think?

75. Don't keep the opinions between friends until the next day. A person who has no good friends will not see his own shortcomings. In friendship, without words, all thoughts, all wishes, and all hopes all happen and share in silent joy.

76. The best happiness is to remember a person. The best hard work is to want a person to cry. The best satisfaction is that you care about me. The best blessing is that we are still good friends at the age of eighty.

77. Maybe a dime can't buy delicate roses, maybe a dime can't buy bitter coffee, or a dime can't buy sweet chocolate, but a dime can convey my blessings to you.

78. I can't sleep, so helpless, if you are asleep, if you are in a dream, you don't need to reply, just pass by and say hello. If you are still awake, quickly send a sleeping pill over. This is confidential and will be deleted after you read it.

79. Although the distance is far away, the mobile phone signals are linked. The short messages are passed, and the thoughts are lingering. Talking on the phone, caring and worrying in my heart. Sincere blessings remain unchanged, happy and healthy every day!

80. The leaves are yellow, the grass is withered, the night is growing, the sky is cool, the wind is clear, the clouds are faint, the autumn is high, the air is refreshing, the wind is blowing, the rain is heavy, the dew is heavy, the frost is falling, and the loneliness Yes, I miss you, the letter is here, I have added clothes, take care!

81. I haven't contacted for a long time, and the friendship cannot be forgotten. Send a text message to remind you: Autumn is here, the weather is cold, you need to put on clothes to keep you warm to prevent colds, and don't forget to contact more and warm your feelings. May you be healthy!

82. Hold a point of confidence and happiness; hold a point of tolerance and sincerity; keep a point of tranquility and peace; hold a point of warmth, gratitude, love a point of romance, mystery; friends, wish you happiness!

83. Register happiness, verify happiness, click Ping An, log in to health, and enjoy the beauty. Welcome dear friends to my blessing platform. May you be with good luck and be happy every day!

84. People are always tired, money is always gone, fame and fortune are always burdened. Only friends, you will never regret knowing you, I wish you happiness and a sweet life!

85. Fangcunjian, I have counted the vicissitudes of the world; in time and space, ask the world's heat and cold; it is a friend, who will never change his affection; it is a soulmate who remembers the end of the world.


Sentences about friends

4. A trace of sincerity is better than a thousand taels of gold. A trace of warmth can reach thousands of miles of frost. A greeting will send you a warm and sweet message.

5. The sound of the cello is like a river. The left bank is my unforgettable memory, the right bank is the bright years I deserve to grasp, and the middle flowing is my faint sentimental year after year!

6. My sadness like the sunset is like a melancholy bird, and the melancholy bird flies into my sadness like a sunset.

7. Friendship cannot be a transaction; on the contrary. It needs the most thorough innocence concept Moroa

8. Friends are like stars and moons in the night sky, illuminating each other, shining each other's stars, and encouraging each other to look at each other. Friends are embedded in the silent care. They don’t have to see each other day by day. The only thing that lasts is the connection of hearts; friends don’t have to greet them humbly. Nodding may be enough; sometimes it’s a joy to see each other in the distance?

9, a touch of friendship, full of sleeves, two-faced confidantes.

10. A true friend is a soul bred in two bodies. Aristotle

11. The turmoil in the airport stopped in a moment. People there all had their own direction, hurriedly taking off, hurriedly descending, taking away other people’s stories, and leaving memories of themselves.

12. Friendship is a sacred and ancient name Ovid

13, to make friends with literature, silent is better than sound. A note of ink is covered with the deep footprints of talented people, and a ray of spring breeze rippling everyone's attention is like carrying a half-volume of poetry and painting. Today is a thousand miles of red dust, and the dust of the years is washed away, where can we appreciate the wind and rain of the Tang and Song dynasties? , Look at the progress of friends from a distance.

14. The older the friend, the better, and the older the wine, the more fragrant it is. John Ray

15. It may be a baptism of wind and rain that makes the collision between heart and heart more crisp and loud, more brilliant and brilliant.

16. Family affection is a kind of depth, friendship is a kind of breadth, and affection is a kind of purity. Family affection is a kind of sunshine bathing without conditions and no return; friendship is a kind of clear embankment on which the mighty and magnificent can live safely; and affection is a kind of mystery and boundlessness that can make the soul shining until the song reaches the soul.

17. Friend is the fulfillment around me; it is the number I can't help but want to dial all the time; it is the cup of tea that I sit for a long time in the middle of the night

18. There was an umbrella rain that lasted for a long time, but refused to accept it after the rain stopped. There is a bunch of flowers that have been smelled for a long time, and will not lose them when they are withered. There is a kind of friendship, hope forever. Even if the blue hair turns white, it can still be kept in my heart. Reading this classic text again, it will still arouse the fireworks of cherishing fate in my heart, a little bit of warmth. From: short beautiful text

19. The greatest effort of friendship is not to show a friend our shortcomings, but to make him see his own shortcomings La Roshvko

20. Friendship can only be produced in practice and sustained in practice Goethe

21. We are about to enter a new life. The road ahead is still very long. Let us cherish the youth and friendship we have on this day and use our true feelings to water the buds of friendship.

22. True friendship can not only tolerate advice from friends, but also make self-understanding and advice Cicero

23. You will never know how lonely it is for a person like me to live in the world.

24. I will be by your side when people all over the world have left you. We will all be rampant in hell.

25. The sky is still cold and the water is still cold in the sound of Deng Ying Pu, in the dream, the silk and bamboo sing lightly outside the building, outside the building, outside the building, outside the mountain, outside the building, the outsider has not yet returned, the other has not yet been renewed in a sentence

26. Many people who look like friends are not friends, and many who are friends do not look like friends. Greece

27. In our lives, family and friendship emotions are the main theme of our lives, and none of them are indispensable. Among these three kinds of emotions, only friendship is an ideal embankment that can live safely at any time. Perhaps, deep in our hearts, everyone is eager to have a friend who meets in our hearts to walk together.

28. We are partners who are jealous of each other but make progress together.

29. Since you are late for exercise, you are never late for work; you have a high interest in work, but your interest in playing is not high; a good performance in overall quality means that you are not good enough for yourself. I am here to develop and develop your brain, and I wish you happiness every day!

30. Leave, make things simple, people become kind, like a child, let's start again.

31. I look at you with a smile, silent, proud, and disappointed just like this moment, so I am happy with you and sad with you, but I have always stood at this moment and you have stayed there forever

32. What is feeling? One body and two hearts; what is friendship? Two bodies and one heart.

33. True friendship is a slow-growing plant Washington

34. Living in this colorful world, no one is alone, everyone has friends. Just because they are friends, there are gender, age, education, and occupations. These are real and unchangeable. Since they are friends, they should be equal and respect each other.

35. The so-called friendship is first of all sincerity and criticizes Ostrovsky’s mistakes.

36. They used to be ambiguous, when were they ambiguous

37. After pain, I know how to protect myself; after crying, I know what it feels like to feel heartache; when I have been stupid, I know how to persevere and let go, and after love, I know that I am actually very fragile.

38. Ten thousand liang of gold is easy to get, but it is hard to find one with a heart. Cao Xueqin

39. Heart, finally tired. So many long days, these long years, are beautiful like songs. The passing years are like a fading landscape painting, and we are all the same, no matter how tired we are, we must continue to walk on this ups and downs of life.

40. A friend’s wisdom, knowledge, potential, passion, is the magnetism and power that draws you closer. At the same time, everything about you is the process of your friends' understanding and perception. The most important thing among friends is to treat each other with sincerity, sincerity will bring them together, and doubts will leave them, and those who are selfish and unrighteous may wish to leave them.

41. The flower calyx is bright and colorful, the infatuation has the dream of lily fragrance, the golden house only waits for the jade and the phoenix, the embroidered building still needs the nectar outfit, the melancholy vowed to think about thousands of thoughts, in exchange for the spring customs. Thinking of you and looking forward to the blooming of spring flowers is what I can't help but worry about.

42. I have been brave for too long and decided to live for you alone.

43. Ten thousand liang of gold is easy to get, but it is hard to find one with the heart.

44. Choose friends and develop friendships, and you also need to be right. Both parties have the same character, strength, knowledge, hobbies, and interests, and they can become helpful friends. The difference is too great, and you can't make friends. If your knowledge and talent are below you, you will disdain it; Above you, it is often impossible to climb high; only the kind of people who will meet the opponents of the same strength can become your friends.

45. I am not poor if you have wizards. Zheng Banqiao

46. ​​Friendship is knowing each other. When you need it, you haven't talked about it, and your friends have come to you. His eyes and heart can understand you, and he can even hold your thin arms with his hands. Because of emotions, you will not feel lonely in this world. Can't help but feel that friendship is as romantic as it is!

47. A friend is like a melon, and you will get one after a hundred attempts. France

48. People who have good friends around are not much happier than those who are embarrassed on all sides. Mrs. Carnegie

49. Looking back at the word wild goose earlier than the person who forgot Chuan and fuqin

50. Feelings require much less than friendship.

51. The most perfect thing in the world is to have a few friends with integrity in mind and heart. Einstein

52. People are not laughing because of happiness, but are happy because of laughter.

53. Family affection is a kind of depth, friendship is a kind of breadth, and affection is a kind of purity.

54. When you really love something, you will find how fragile and weak the language is. There is always gap between the words and feelings.

55. Fortunately, in my most perfect years, I met you who were willing to accompany me crazy. Thank you for always staying by my side and never forsaking.

56. It is a friend of everyone, not a friend to anyone. Polish proverb

57. Time hasn’t taught me anything, but it has taught me that it’s not easy to believe in mythology.

58. Friends often think of, care in the heart, and focus on the eyes; friends are to accompany each other through life, and spend one evening after another together; friends are to add joy when remembering, and to remember more tenderness in time .

59. Nothing is easy to talk about in the world, and nothing to talk about when it comes to quick friends. Pu Songling

60. Those who are near Zhu are red, and those who are near Mo are black. Fu Xuan

61. When you are sad and wronged, weep and cry. After crying and washing my face, I patted myself on the face and squeezed out a smile to show myself. It is not easy to rub, otherwise the eyes will swell the next morning.

62. We are like needles on the surface, constantly turning, turning and watching the moment of rushing away, but there is nothing we can do

63. Maybe, friends are ethereal and uncertain. It is a peculiar feeling, similar to the feeling of love at first sight, except that it is an emotion when meeting a friend. Two friends should support each other and help each other. When you help your friends, you will also find it extremely simple.

64. The acquaintance of people lies in acquaintance, and the acquaintance of people lies in intimate knowledge. Mencius

65. You didn't wait for me all the time. You forgot to take me away. The unforgettable firefly in my left hand and the ten years long meditation in my right hand.

66. Holding your hand, no matter where it is, I feel like running towards heaven.

67. Will the feelings engraved on the back of the chair be like flowers on the concrete floor blooming out of the windless forest?

68. The wound is just like me, a stubborn child who refuses to heal, because the heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for the growth of anything.

69, passing by is also a deep fate.

70. If waiting can be exchanged for a miracle, I would rather wait, even for one year, or for life!

71. The difference between friendship and affection is: Friendship means two people and the world, but feeling means that two people are the world. In friendship one plus one equals two; in relationship one plus one is still one Tagore

72. In joy, friends will know us; in adversity, we will know friends.

73. No matter how long the future is, please cherish every moment of gathering; no matter how many spring, summer, autumn and winter, we are forever friends.

74. One day you can go to my mind, you will see that there is all the sorrow you gave.

75. As long as there are people, there are two ancient professions: prostitute and killer!

76. What is happiness? It is to hide my sadness and smile at everyone.

77. Friendship must use truth to strengthen proverbs

78. The same is the end of the world, why do you know each other before. Bai Juyi

79. There are only so many places around a person, and only so much you can give. In this small circle, some people want to come in, and some people have to leave.

80. A loyal friend is the embodiment of a Bodhisattva. Napoleon

81. A true and very sensible friendship is the most perfect priceless treasure in life Gorky

82. Friendship can never be a transaction; on the contrary, it needs the most thorough disinterested notion of Moroa

83. The most beautiful memory in life is his friendship with others Lincoln

84. Friendship is always a sweet duty, never an opportunity Gibran

85. Beslowinchoosingafriend; slowerinchanging Choosing a friend must be prudent, and abandoning it must be prudent. Cai Yuanpei's famous quote

86. Friendship is a slow-growing plant. It will flourish only when grafted on branches that know and love each other. Chesterfield

87. This city does not have the legend of long grass and flying warblers. It will always live in reality, with fast drumming, hurried figures, numb eyes, false smiles, and I am being assimilated.

88. Once you laugh, I will be happy for several days; but when you cry once, I will be sad for several years.

89. Know friends in adversity. Lenin

90. Friendship needs, a little mutual assistance, a little sincerity, and a little trust; affection needs, a little passion, a little romance, a little plain; family needs, a little selflessness, a little filial piety, and a little reunion. Life and life are pieced together bit by bit! The selected materials are good, and the life that is spelled out will taste good.

91. I hate you the most, because you are my enemy of learning and competition; I love you the most, because you are a friend I learned from when I grew up. Today’s goodbye is like Guan Zhongzhi’s loss of Bao Shuya, and the vast world tells me where to find my favorite friend.

92. Plain time, plain story, but I don't know how many purple loneliness should flash in your dreams on this rainy night.

93. The moment when the pupa emerges from the cocoon, the pain of tearing off a layer of skin pierces the heart and lungs. Many butterflies are so painful that the moment they emerge from the cocoon.

94、Where is Jiangnan in the sound of flute, cold windows, shadows, smoke, waves, and oars?

95. We have always been searching, searching, the ending we all have

96. You in my heart and him beside me are my beloved; the same love can only be buried in my heart. I miss you on every night with stars and miss you happy moments at every moment; I hope you miss you every moment; I love you every moment of breathing. There is so much helplessness in life, I wish my simple greetings can

97. A good friend is often obtained in adversity. Latin America

98. One day I will walk away silently from you. I miss a lot without any sound. I am always sad alone.

Short sentences about friendship

1. Life is like a dream, gathering, scattering and separation, and withering like a spring flower curtain, a few gatherings, a few separations, fate comes and goes as one wishes. In a blink of an eye, Qingsi and white hair looked back indifferently, with a few vicissitudes in her heart. Tears flowed alone.

2. Spring goes and autumn comes, years are like songs, three years have passed, the song ends, people are separated, labor and swallows fly apart, but this heavy friendship in my heart is like a rain in the desert, a flat boat on a big river, on a canyon A flying bridge, a thin umbrella in the rain forest warms me deeply. Yuanyuan, your favorite lotus is blooming, let's go see it together

3. Youth can't be talked about without friendship, because friendship is the most beautiful flower that embellishes youth.

Fourth, love requires much less than friendship.

5. Only with understanding can friendship last; only with friendship can life be valuable. Let us emit the light of understanding. We cultivate this piece of land, and taste half of the sweet fruit and astringent fruit. In order to share that sweet life, we need struggle and friendship.

6. Friends can walk in the rain with umbrellas together; yes

So we can ride a bike and speed on the road together; can indulge in art galleries and museums; can wander around bookstores and book galleries; friends can cry with sadness, laugh with joy, read good books together, and listen to good songs together.

7. Friends are like stars and moons in the night sky, illuminating each other, shining each other, encouraging each other to look at each other. Friends are embedded in the silent care. They don’t have to see each other day by day. The only thing that lasts is the heart-to-heart connection; friends don’t have to greet them humbly, nodding their heads may be enough; sometimes it’s not happy to see each other in the distance?

8. If it's okay, let you search for my figure in the rest of your leisure time. I would like to sleep in a cocoon deep in the ground for another twenty years, and then break out of the cocoon and pupate in the warm spring sun For the butterfly, beside the green grass under the blue sky, dancing for you.

Nine, life is inseparable from friendship, but it is not easy to get true friendship; friendship always requires loyalty to sow seeds, enthusiasm to irrigate, principles to cultivate, and understanding to care.

10. The most common term used in the world is friend, but the rarest one is also friend.

11. The one I hate most is you, because you are my enemy of learning and competition; the one I love the most is also you, because you are the friend I learned from growing up. Today’s goodbye is like Guan Zhongzhi’s loss of Bao Shuya, and the vast world tells me where to find my favorite friend.

12. We should not keep friendship at any cost so that it will be tarnished. If friendship must be sacrificed for the greater love, there is no way; but if it can be maintained, then it can really reach perfection.

13. Everyone has weaknesses. If anyone wants to find a friend who has no shortcomings, he will never find what he is looking for. Although we are at fault, we still love ourselves, so we should love our friends in the same way.

14. My heartfelt words are my deep thoughts and blessings. I wish to always keep you warm and joyful. No matter where you are, I hope we will weave our thoughts under the same starry sky.

15. The four calculations of friendship: the addition of friendship equals deep friendship, the subtraction of friendship equals the starting point of friendship, the multiplication of friendship equals infinite friendship, and the division of friendship equals his only loyalty! May our friendship be unstoppable!

16. I hope that friendship has no other purpose except seeking the deepening of the soul.

17. Only with understanding can friendship last; only with friendship can life be valuable. Let us emit the light of understanding. We cultivate this piece of land, and taste half of the sweet fruit and astringent fruit. In order to share that sweet life, we need struggle and friendship.

18. Those who use cunning tricks to harm their friends will put themselves in danger and ambush.

19. A friend is not a book, it is more beautiful than a book; a friend is not a song, it is more beautiful than a song; a friend should be a poem: the elegance of a poem; a friend should be a dream: the beauty of a dream; a friend should be that meaningful Essays written yesterday and looking forward to the future.

Twenty. The wind is rising, it is my continuous concern; the clouds are surging, it is my soft yearning; the rain is coming, it is my confession; the sun is my warm smile!

Twenty-one. Only with understanding can friendship last; only with friendship can life be valuable. Let us emit the light of understanding. We cultivate this piece of land, and taste half of the sweet fruit and astringent fruit. In order to share that sweet life, we need struggle and friendship.

Twenty-two. Missing is a light poem. I miss you not because of loneliness, but because I miss you. A sincere heart is better than the light of a diamond. The friendship between you and me will last forever.

Twenty-three, friendship needs, a little mutual help, a little sincerity, a little trust; love needs, a little passion, a little romance, a little plain; family needs, a little selflessness, a little filial piety, a little reunion. Life and life are pieced together bit by bit! The selected materials are good, and the life that is spelled out will taste good.

Twenty-four. Friends can walk in the rain with an umbrella together; they can ride a car together and speed on the road; they can indulge in art galleries and museums; they can wander the bookstores and book galleries; friends can cry together with sorrow and joy together Laugh, read a good book together, listen to a good song together.

Twenty-five. The wisdom, knowledge, ability and passion of friends are the magnetism and power that attracts you. At the same time, everything about you is the process of your friends' understanding and perception. The most important thing among friends is to treat each other with sincerity, sincerity will bring them together, and doubts will leave them, and those who are selfish and unrighteous may wish to leave them.

Twenty-six. Friends are like pieces of a puzzle, combined to form a beautiful picture. If one piece is missing, it will never be complete. You-the important piece I don't want to lose.

27. Sometimes in life, you will find a special friend; he is only a part of your life, but it can change your entire life. He will make you laugh; he will make you believe that there is true love in the world. He will convince you that there really is an unlocked door waiting for you to open it. This is friendship forever.

Twenty-eight, life is long, affection is long, love is long, the cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, what does not change is true affection. Who is it, who loves it bitterly, and who is crazy about love, crazy about love, drunk about love, life is short, and affection is limited.

Twenty-nine, heart, finally tired. So many long days, these long years, are beautiful like songs. The passing years are like a fading landscape, and we are all the same, no matter how tired we are, we must continue to walk on this ups and downs of life.

Thirty. In our lives, how many strange lives have ever been, but we just missed them head-on, without even having the opportunity to look at each other.

Thirty-one. You always say that you will cry when you read my words, so I won't write more. I'm afraid you will cry again, I feel bad for your eyes. Good friends are for life, now or in the future. Therefore, although there are contradictions, they will all pass. People always want to change, just want you not to chill our friendship. Because it is precious, I am afraid of losing.

Thirty-two. You will never know how lonely a person like me is in the world

Thirty-three. When we met in a stranger, we broke up after getting acquainted. Tomorrow, we will go to the star chart of life to find our new position. Let us use our twinkling stars to inquire and express our emotions.

34. Friendship is a selfless communication between two equals; love is a humble communication between a tyrant and a slave.

35. The boat of friendship is impossible to sail smoothly in the ocean of life. Sometimes it encounters dark clouds and storms. In this case, friendship should be tested in one way or another. After these dark clouds and storms, Then friendship will be more consolidated, and true friendship will radiate new light under any circumstances.

Thirty-six, friends are like flowers. Fragrant and elegant; friend is autumn rain, delicate and full of poetry; friend is December plum, pure and proud.

Thirty-seven, true friends, when you are successful, happy for you, but not for you. When you encounter misfortune or sorrow, we will give you timely support and encouragement. When you have shortcomings and may make mistakes, you will be given correct criticism and help.

38. Love requires much less than friendship. welcomes you to reprint and share:

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