short funny quotes about life

short funny quotes about life

It's a funny life. When you are a child, time keeps dragging and overnight you are 50 years old. And whatever is left of childhood goes into a little box. Small rust box.

short funny quotes about life

No one is there when it's dramatic, everyone is there when it's funny.

- Dear Royal Majesty, what is this honor worth to me?

- Why is my apple tree dying?

- What do you use as fertilizer?

Do you find that funny?

No one is there when it's dramatic, everyone is there when it's funny.

Life would be tragic if it wasn't funny.

You know, every time someone pulls out something that's really funny, something that makes me funny, I turn around to see if it's funny for you even if you're not there, every time ...

If you ignore it, this funny thing will go away!

Don't judge yourself, don't hate yourself. Because as funny as it sounds, I'm on the cover of Vogue, and no one is laughing at me: I was the most sensitive girl in school.

- I can be very funny if you want, or considerate, intelligent, superstitious, courageous ... and I can tap dance! I can do whatever you want. You just gotta tell me what you want me to be for you.

- Idiot.

Yes, I can be too.

- Oh, Peter ... I'm sure you'll come back! In the meantime, I have kept your shadow. Oh, but I hope she isn't wrinkled! You know, you're just like I imagined you, oh, maybe a little taller but ... oh, you're not 

Well listen, we have to face the reality: there are over two million illegal immigrants sleeping peacefully in this country tonight. This country spent $ 3 billion last year in public funds on these

- It's a kidnapping !!

- It's a bit dramatic, isn't it?

You are not funny.

There is nothing funny about Halloween. Instead, this sarcastic festival reflects a thirst for revenge on children in the adult world.

You can never say a good drawing, let alone when it's funny.

It's weird that when you're alone and read something funny it doesn't make you funny, but once you're with someone you laugh.

What is going on with you today?

- What is happening to me? What happens to me is that I have feelings for you.

David Nolan and Mary Margaret (formerly)

Once Upon a Time - David Nolan and Mary Margaret

It's funny - nobody thinks - that beyond the age of 18 - you can be an orphan - in that you are no longer a child.

Ann: Lola! Lola!

Lola: Are you okay mom?

Ann: So where do we start, firecrackers or condoms?

Ann's Mother: It's not me, uh ...

Ann: Oh mom, it's ok Ah, it's not funny!

Being different from the crowd is never funny, underneath what

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