Bruce Lee may be no more.

Bruce Lee may be no more

He had lost only once when some kids had fight with him in his childhood

Later he never faced defeat throughout his life. Whenever anyone challenged him, he routed the rival with one inch punch. One day he told his actor friend, John Saxon that, 'Bruce Lee may be no more.'

 Why did Bruce Lee said so near the time his dreams to become super star here of Hollywood were coming true?

Bruce Lee may be no more

 One day Bruce Lee received a telephone call from the Hollywood studios for a TV series. Warner Bros.

 wanted a Chinese character to perform in a series. Bruce agreed to perform but after a while the Studios refused to take him as a hero in that series. 

The problem was the same that the Americans disliked a foreigner playing the leading role, especially Asians.

 So an American was given the get-up of a Chinese and the series was produced.

 Now Bruce Lee decided to translate this weakness into his power. He left American and joined Chinese film industry in Hong Kong. Now a Chinese star was going to perform for the Chinese audience.

 Lee's weakness in America became his strength in Hong Kong as a Chinese hero of the martial arts. Bruce Lee was no more a stranger to the people of Hong Kong now. 

        The America TV series the 'Green Hornet' had already been aired in Hong Kong renamed 'Kato show.' The people of Hong Kong saw this show with love and attachment and liked it greatly. 

      Bruce Lee's fictional name 'Kato' became a household word. 

Soon he received an attractive offer from Raymond Chow of ' the Golden Harvest.' He contracted two movies with Bruce Lee.

 One was 'Big Boss' that was to be shot at an ice-factory in Hong Kong. 

The subject of the film was the global movement against the Capitalism. This film was about the injustice and oppression of an industrialist to deny the basic rights to his workers. 

Bruce Lee performed to raise voice of the workers and struggle for their rights.

 The film was exhibited and Bruce Lee with his family also came to the cinema to watch it.

 It was a pin drop silence in the cinema as the film ended. After a few seconds the viewers stood up clapping. Delighted Bruce Lee also had tears in his eyes. 

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This movie made Bruce Lee as super star in Hong Kong like it was once Micheal Jackson in America. Lee's fans would gather around him wherever he was outdoors. 

People would crowd outside if he had been dining at any restaurant. 

The fans had made it hard for Lee and his family to come outdoors. But his popularity had yet to touch the pinnacle. Lee's second movie 'Fist of Fury' also called 'Chinese Connection' was released.

 'Fist of Fury' was according to the desire of Bruce Lee in respect of its direction and fight scenes. 

For the first time Bruce Lee had used Nunchaku in this movie.

But Bruce Lee sustained an injury while shooting this movie. He shot the film in the day and iced his injury in the evening. He did not let his injury affect his performance.

 Though this movie had cost double of the previous budget but it yielded the profit accordingly. 

       This movie beat all the previous box office records.

 Now Bruce Lee was a world famous hero so he gave up performance on fixed amount. Now he entered partnership as his name had become guarantee to the success of a movie.

 Bruce Lee had also become producer of his movies side by side an actor. So as producer he produced the first movie, 'Way of the Dragon' also called by some, 'Return of the Dragon.' He was also director and writer of this movie. 

It was a Chinese film shot in the coliseum of Rome. Bruce Lee's fight with Chuck Norris in this movies was credited as classical. 

Name any who did not see shots of this movie. The analysts rated these fighting scenes all times best of their own kind. 

It was also a super hit movie. Afterwards the movie 'Game of Death' began to be recorded. 

         In that duration, the popularity of Bruce Lee reached where he had once dreamed. It is for this reason one must dream as dreams come true any day. 

Bruce Lee was offered a movie by the Hollywood legendary studios, Warner Bros. The movie was to be co-produced by the Warner Bros and the Golden Harvest of Hong Kong.


It was the world popular movie, 'Enter the Dragon'. It was the first and the only Hollywood movie of Bruce Lee. 

Bruce Lee had dreamed for it throughout his life. But the shooting of this movie faced a big hurdle. The problem was shooting of this movie in Hong Kong and casting the 'extras' to perform martial arts players. 

And the gangsters were cast for this role. And many of them following martial arts' principles challenged Bruce Lee to fight during shooting of the film. 

They termed Bruce Lee so-called master of martial arts, and wanted him to fight them. Bruce Lee was not scared of them so he fought many and routed them. 

But the movie was hard to be finished if these fights would go on like this. During production of this movie American and the Chinese teams also had tensions. 

It was partly due to language barrier and partly lack of understanding about the culture of each other. On an occasion, the US team out of disappointment decided to go back leaving the film midway. 

But in the situation, Lee's wife Linda Lee played a very important role. She became a bridge between the two for understanding their language and the culture and got the film finished. 

It was a dream film of Bruce Lee. Over the years he knocked the door of the producers... and it was first time that an Asian was performing hero in a Hollywood movie. 

It was said that Bruce Lee was a bit nervous in the beginning. He also differed on technical basis over a scene that was to be shot amid thousands of mirrors. The producer wanted to shoot this scene as it was. 

 how tall was bruce lee and secretes

Despite difference, Lee got the scene filmed very well so much so that it became unforgettable. The shooting of 'Enter the Dragon' completed in 1973.

 He was engaged in post production of this movie in Hong Kong when he felt a problem in his head. He was taken to the hospital on May 10, 1973. The doctors diagnosed his ailment, treated him and he recovered.

 The doctors told him inflicted with a rare disease. It was cerebral edema disease, that slightly enlarged size of the brain. 

He got well but he was worried about the disease of this kind. He went to Los Angles America, for experts' opinion on his disease. He underwent different medical tests. 

He was walking through Los Angles streets when he met John Saxon, an actor with him in 'Enter the Dragon' Saxon was quite surprised to see Lee in America and asked... "Bruce Lee you are here!" But Lee gave an unusual answer, "Bruce Lee may be no more." 

          It was the first expression of frustration on the part of Bruce Lee. The reports on his tests came after a few days that showed Bruce Lee super fit like a teenager.

 He was overwhelmed with happiness and came back to Hong Kong to complete his movie, ' The Game of Death.' On July 20,1973 he again had headache at the house of Betty Ting, also an actress in 'The Game of Death.' Betty gave him a common painkiller and Bruce Lee went to the bed in an adjacent room.

 The actress went to get up Lee when he did not come out after hours. She was trying to awaken Bruce Lee but he was not getting up. 

Scared Betty called the producer, Raymond Chow. Raymond made many attempts to contact the doctors who had checked up Lee two months back. But the line on the doctor's side remained busy.

 Then Raymond rushed to Betty's apartment. Here he became quite upset when he saw Bruce Lee without movements.

 He called for the ambulance and Bruce Lee was rushed to the hospital. The doctors examined Bruce Lee and pronounced him dead over the last many hours.

 Bruce Lee had died before he saw his first and the only Hollywood film on the screen. The super hero of Hong Kong had died suddenly and this news spread all over the world like a jungle fire. 

       Lee's fans in Hong Kong were failed to understand how it happened all of a sudden.

 Many narratives were given to the death of Bruce Lee as it was case with the demise of every magnate. 

Some termed it punishment by the gods for training the Chinese arts to the foreigners. Others imputed his death to the Chinese mafia.

 But his wife got postmortem of the body of Lee. The medical report showed death of Bruce Lee caused by the same Cerebral Edema disease.

 The report revealed an allergic reaction caused by the painkiller administered by Betty. The police investigations also did not find any conspiracy involving Lee's death.


After a month, Lee's only movie, 'Enter the Dragon' was released that changed the genre of the Hollywood.

 Martial arts became a genre of the Hollywood movies that never existed in the past. So one after the other martial arts heroes performed in Hollywood movies unlike the past.

 'Enter the Dragon' produced with the cost of $850,000 earned $90 millions. Lee's second Chinese movie, 'The Game of Death' was completed after his death.

 Bruce Lee lived for 32 years only. Following his father, Bruce Lee's son became a martial arts hero but he too died mysteriously.

 At 28 years of age, Brandon Lee died of a factual gunfire instead of a fake one while shooting the film "The Crow." 

It was surprising that Bruce Lee had died in mysterious circumstances... and about 29 years later his son also lost his life in an unexpected situation

. Presumably the same forces took the life of Brandon Lee that had previously killed his father, Bruce Lee. But the investigations reported Brandon's death as an accident only. 

Bruce Lee's movie 'The Game of Death' was later completed with the help of technology. Similarly the movie of Brandon Lee was also completed. 

For it, a lookalike of Brandon was brought in and the body-double and special effects were used to film him.

 In Seattle, America, where Bruce Lee had come initially has a beautiful lake called 'the Washington Lake.

' Bruce Lee is sleeping under a saffron-colored marble plaque at the bank of this lake. And his son, Brandon Lee is buried on the left side of it.

 Another image of Bruce Lee is this statue standing at the seashore in Hong Kong. It welcomes the visitors to Lee's city in a special way.

how tall was bruce lee and secretes


What was Bruce Lee's motto?

Bruce Lee believed that a person must be like water. When striking a swimming pool, a stone will cause a big splash. But a pebble will not make a ripple. In this way, Bruce Lee's moto was to stay calm and focused. In his book "The Art of Expressing the Human Body", 

he wrote that "Water can flow or it can crash. Be like water, my friend." 

What did Bruce Lee fear?

The question about what Bruce Lee feared is not easy to answer. his life was full of challenges and difficulties which he overcame. when he was in high school, he was very weak and frail, and he often got bullied in his school. 

He was the opposite of the typical teenager in high school. But he joined a few martial arts classes and martial arts which changed his life. After his 19 th birthday, he began teaching martial arts and in less than a year, he was already a well-known martial arts teacher in Hong Kong. 

He wanted to challenge himself and discover his true potential in martial arts. He has been involved in the hardest competitions in the martial arts world. There is a famous story where Bruce Lee challenged a famous Karate master named Chuck Norris to a fight. 

Chuck Norris didn't want to fight Bruce Lee. In fact, he was afraid of Bruce Lee. In his biography, Bruce Lee said that Chuck Norris’s students were afraid of him, not Chuck Norris.

What did Bruce Lee say about being calm?

"Being reckless is like walking in the path of a storm and expecting not to get wet." If you want to be calm and in control in life and in the markets, you must avoid reckless behavior. Suppose you make a bet in the markets and lose. 

If you become reckless, you might make even more reckless bets in the future to recover what you lost. This way, you might end up losing even more money.

 If you want to be calm and in control in the markets, then you must avoid reckless behavior. This way you will be able to protect your money. On the other hand, when you become reckless, you can never get rich.

 As a trader you must understand this. You must think about your plans and change your plans only when a change is necessary. You must never go with the flow. Being calm and being reckless are two different things.

What is Bruce Lee philosophy?

Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, philosopher, and activist. The philosophy that was invented by him is known as Jeet Kune Do. The main idea of this philosophy is to strike when the opportunity arises, and strike hard. Bruce Lee believed that a martial artist should be a complete martial artist, not a master of a single style or a technique. 

That's why he invented a new martial art technique, called Jeet Kune Do. He believes that a real martial artist should have a clear goal and a strict process. He followed a strict diet and trained every day.

 He says "Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend." One of the most important quotes by Bruce Lee:

 "Be formless, shapeless like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes

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